Ms. Anuratha Murugagoo


School of Foundation Studies

Anuratha Murugagoo is a Lecturer, School of Foundation Studies at PSB Academy, Singapore. She attained her Bachelor’s degree in English Language Studies and Masters in Information Technology at University of Science, Malaysia.

She comes with 8 years of extensive experience of teaching academic English courses covering academic writing, study skills, critical thinking and business English, and English proficiency courses for foreign students. As a language teacher, she enjoys the dynamism of language acquisition and continues to improvise pedagogical approaches in her teachings. Highly passionate in teaching and learning, she looks forward to continue inspiring many more brilliant young minds.

Educational Qualifications

  • Master of Science (Information Technology), University of Science Malaysia, Malaysia, 2007
  • Bachelor of Arts (English Language Studies) University of Science Malaysia, Malaysia, 2002

Professional Experiences

  • Lecturer, PSB Academy, Singapore, 2015 – present
  • Lecturer, Sunway University, Malaysia, 2009 – 2015