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This is a celebration of resilience and boldness that we’ve seen in so many of our students during their education journey at PSB Academy. They are individuals who may be actively pursuing their passions or ambitions outside of school, while also dedicating their time to completing an industry-ready education so that they can be ready to tackle new challenges in the careers they hope to build. 

The faces you see here - go-getters, everyday heroes, and dream-chasers - are a reflection of that same spirit we want to inspire in all of us. We hope that their stories will spur others to dream big, aim higher, and move obstacles, so that they can pursue their rainbows. 

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Deal-breaker: Shahnaz Nazimuddeen

At age 25, Shahnaz Nazimuddeen faced every challenge that a young entrepreneur possibly could. While she was confident of managing the creative aspect of her start-up, the pragmatist in her was convinced that her lack of business acumen would be the Achilles’ heel of Lovlihaus. As such, Shahnaz enrolled herself in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) at PSB Academy. With a belly full of fire, she single-handedly navigated through the throes of fund raising, dealing with suppliers and managing customer flow. A short but strenuous four months later, Shahnaz’s online home décor business, Lovlihaus, has now grown its presence to penetrate the relevant markets in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. 

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Taking flight: Ezebella binte Abdullah

Without the support of my boss, I would not even have considered continuing education. I am grateful to my family, especially my parents who had to make sacrifices given that my schedule has become much busier while I juggle work and school. They have all played a huge part in helping me reach my dream of becoming a product engineer, overseeing an entire production process from design to execution, or even go into the business of consultancy as a specialist in shot-peening technology. Every day is a new learning chapter, and I look forward to seeing how my journey at PSB Academy is going to make it an even more enriching experience.

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In Control: Hubert Lee

Becoming a student once again was no easy feat for a 24-year-old, newly enrolled into an Electrical Engineering course, just after over 10 months of being in the workforce. Desperate to excel and yet distressed about his rusty knowledge, Hubert invested a whopping 8 hours each weekend poring over research papers and his personal scribbles from the week’s lessons. He knew he needed personal time but never did resent the time and effort that excellence required. True to the saying “hard work begets success”, Hubert is now well on his way to graduating from PSB Academy with outstanding results.   

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Reel Life : Gowri Subramaniam

The theatre and stage has been part of my life from a very young age, but in real life, I also play many parts. As an actress, I have acted in more than 20 television drama serials, while I juggle a full-time job in the healthcare industry as IT personnel. But that has not stopped me from also pursuing a diploma in business administration. 

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Go Getter: Aung Kyi Kyi

Focus. Inspire. Succeed. This quote by professional wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson has became a mantra by which I live by. While I’ve just completed my degree in Business Studies with Loughborough University, my journey does not end here I hope to someday pursue a Master’s degree that will further enable me to climb the career ladder in the Operations and Administrations industry—and eventually be able to manage my own operations team in the future.

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Self Starter : Joshua Gan


I’m proud of my dual-heritage as a Thai and Singaporean, and that has given me a key advantage in gaining a global mindset and understanding of cultural differences. I’ve been working part-time in various industries, as a freelance talent, model, server and emcee, with the sole end goal of understanding consumer behaviour. That working experience, and my degree in business and marketing, will help me get ahead in the working world when I graduate, and develop my parents’ business in the wholesale industry.

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Scaling New Heights : Desiree

Gymnastics, dancing, netball and softball are my passions—I never want to stop moving! I’ve found a new passion for surfing with my part-time job as a flow-riding coach. Through my career as a gymnast I dealt with body issues injuries and an eating disorder--I want to help people out there who might be suffering alone or don't know how to get through it or don't have the support system. My diploma in sports and exercise science will take me one step closer to starting a career in nutrition, physiotherapy, psychology or judging and coaching in gymnastics.

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Unravel some of the secrets behind the sports industry in Singapore, from the very experts who have shaped and studied it. If you’re looking into joining this growing industry, this is the event for you! Learn how the sports brands and personalities are developed, get into a fitness routine and diet designed by experts, and get inspired by an elite local athlete who is aiming to be the king of the ring. if you want to dig deeper after the event, speak to a PSB representative to find out about our Sports and Exercise Science programmes.

Featured Topics

  • Beating the man in the mirror
  • The Science in Sports - How science can train the mind
  • What you eat is what you are! - Sport Nutrition in an East Asian Diet
  • Schooling about Schooling - Swimming with the media sharks
  • Pitch, Sell, Organise, Execute, Repeat – A different ball game
  • Branding Yourself in Sports – “I am the Brand & Business”
  • Panel Session – Future of Sports Industry in Singapore

Featured Speakers

  • Muhamad Ridhwan, Founder of Legends Fight Sport
  • Dr. Martin Grunert, Head of School for Life & Physical Sciences, PSB Academy
  • Chu’ai Tang,Programme Leader of Sport and Exercise Science, PSB Academy
  • Marcus Loh,VP of Marketing and Corp Communication, PSB Academy, Accredited Member, Institute of Public Relations of Singapore
  • Navin Nambiar, Managing Director of X-League
  • Rachel Ng, Social Influencer, PSB Academy Student, University of Wollongong