Dr. Joshua Kuma


Board of Directors

Dr Joshua has served as a Director of Operations, and was one of the founding members to set up the Minerals, Metals and Materials Technology Centre (M3TC) in the National University of Singapore. The Research & Development centre deals with natural resources, and is supported by the Economic Development Board (EDB).

In the past 15 years, he assumed several senior managerial positions of increasing responsibility, including his recent employment as an Executive Director of a Singapore listed company dealing with natural resources.

He has wide range of experiences in the field of natural resources extraction and has conducted coal, oil, gas and mining work in Indonesia & Philippines.  His vast portfolio illustrates his deep involvement in the natural resources-related areas.

Dr Joshua has also been invited to give numerous presentations on carbon capture from coal fire power plants.  At a recent meeting among ASEAN plus Three (China, Japan, Korea) Countries, he was nominated by EDB to represent Singapore, and presented on the Montage of Singapore’s Geospatial Initiatives.

Dr Joshua has a Doctorate in Engineering and received numerous awards during his studies. He is also an inventor of two patented technologies.