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Message from our Executive Chairman

Since its inception in 1964, PSB Academy has granted access to a variety of options to further one’s education, offering more than 80 programmes across Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, in six schools namely - Accounting & Finance, Business & Communications, Engineering & Technology, Life & Physical Sciences, English & Education and Postgraduate Studies. We pave the way for more than 11,000 undergraduates and post-graduates to enjoy quality education, and have become one of the largest leading private education institutions of higher learning in Singapore. Our full-time and part-time tertiary programmes are conducted in partnership with reputable university partners in Australia and the UK.

PSB Academy pride ourselves on more than just providing an academic environment for our students. We want our students to optimise their learning in a holistic and nurturing learning atmosphere that maximises their opportunity to succeed. The decision to pursue an education now should also be with an eye on future prospects, and PSB Academy provides this avenue for our students to mould their character and soft skills, and from this journey with us, emerge relevant and ready for the workforce, in or out of Singapore.

I encourage you to find out more about PSB Academy not only from our website, but also by visiting our campus and speaking with our programme consultants. Be curious about not only our course curriculum, but be sure to discover how vibrant our campus and life and alumni engagement are, how our tradition of cultivating student leaders has shaped many confident, forward-thinking and well-rounded individuals.

Leverage on PSB Academy as a doorway to new and better opportunities for yourself and your future.

Hear more about how PSB Academy offers you access to new and more opportunities with our programme offerings, with something for everyone no matter which pathway you are considering.

Viva Sinniah
Executive Chairman
PSB Academy