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Collab is part of a multi-series event designed to be a platform for creating opportunities through learning, sharing and networking.

We believe that it is the collaborative spirit that inspires future opportunities for growth and innovation, and we hope events like these will be a channel for like-minded individuals to work towards building a diverse network of future partners from various fields.


Be inspired and learn from others. Grown your knowledge and evolve your mind.


Invite open conversation and share knowledge through story-telling. Spread the wealth of insights and expertise, and enrich yourself.


Strengthen your foothold in the industry, promote connections and build strong relationships with like-minded professionals. 

CollabX Entrepreneurship

CollabX Creating the Future Academy

CollabX Creating the Future Academy is a PSB Academy partnership initiative with Channel NewsAsia as its knowledge partner. Join us as we discuss education, curriculum, classroom resources and what the Future Academy should look like today!



CollabX Sports

CollabX Sustainability

CollabX The Future Academy

CollabX Engineering


CollabX Communication


CollabX Sports (2016)


Unravel some of the secrets behind the sports industry in Singapore, from the very experts who have shaped and studied it. If you’re looking into joining this growing industry, this is the event for you!

Learn how the sports brands and personalities are developed, get into a fitness routine and diet designed by experts, and get inspired by an elite local athlete who is aiming to be the king of the ring. if you want to dig deeper after the event, speak to a PSB representative to find out about our Sports and Exercise Science programmes.

Featured Topics

  • Beating the man in the mirror
  • The Science in Sports - How science can train the mind
  • What you eat is what you are! - Sport Nutrition in an East Asian Diet
  • Schooling about Schooling - Swimming with the media sharks
  • Pitch, Sell, Organise, Execute, Repeat – A different ball game
  • Branding Yourself in Sports – “I am the Brand & Business”
  • Panel Session – Future of Sports Industry in Singapore

Featured Speakers

  • Muhamad Ridhwan, Founder of Legends Fight Sport
  • Dr. Martin Grunert, Head of School for Life & Physical Sciences, PSB Academy
  • Chu’ai Tang,Programme Leader of Sport and Exercise Science, PSB Academy
  • Marcus Loh,VP of Marketing and Corp Communication, PSB Academy, Accredited Member, Institute of Public Relations of Singapore
  • Navin Nambiar, Managing Director of X-League
  • Rachel Ng, Social Influencer, PSB Academy Student, University of Wollongong

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