Our past tells us that the future belongs to those who make it – driven by a spirit of resilience, hard work and generosity. Across our campuses in Asia, this spirit burns brightly in our students, alumni, colleagues and partners as they strive to do well for themselves and the communities they serve. 

This is the spirit of our Future Makers. We strive to be torchbearers for our collective mission to help people to thrive in the Future Economy – through our mission in bringing quality higher education to students around the region, and by providing a direct positive impact to the community, through social work.

We work hard to consistently improve our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts, to become fully aware of the environmental and social impact and harness the potential that our 12,000-strong student and staff community can bring, to become a sustainable force for good to the public.


Talk to us if you have an idea about how you can help contribute to the future, or if you’d like to participate in one of our upcoming projects.

At The Future Academy, we welcome all FutureMakers to put their best foot forward in building a better future for all.

For an overview of what PSB Academy students past community efforts, please click here.