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As an established and trusted private educational institution, PSB Academy is committed to maintaining a high standard of confidentiality in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (the “PDPA”). If you have any feedback or enquiries relating to your personal data, please visit or contact the Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) at the following email address:

Student Care & Guidance

Your well-being is our priority during your course of study at PSB Academy. With that as the main focus, a range of services and programmes have been developed to guide you towards a holistic learning experience – overcoming challenges, developing skills, and leading a meaningful student life.

Personal Counselling

We understand that at some point in your study life you might experience some personal difficulties, some of which may even affect your well-being and academic performance. Whether you’re going through a tough time adjusting to life in Singapore, or feeling the pressures from your family, or simply trying to cope with studies and traumatic incidents – you’re not alone. Help is on your side as you have access to our counsellor for assistance.  

Rest assured that all sessions will be conducted in a confidential and friendly setting, provided free-of-charge.

To make an appointment, click here to download the 'Request Form' and e-mail to

Care Support

At PSB Academy, we believe that disability should not hinder our ability.  Care Support is a service provided for students who have been formally diagnosed with learning, physical, medical or psychiatric difficulties (temporary or permanent).

We want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of our students from achieving their best. This service will support students in terms of accessibility and adjustments in classroom learning and assessment, while meeting the inherent requirements of their programme.

To make an appointment, click here to download the 'Request Form' and email to

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the appointment hours?
Monday to Friday:  8.30am – 5:30pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays:  Closed

What do I do if I am facing a crisis and need to speak to a counsellor urgently?
Within office hours: Contact any staff at Student Affairs Office and indicate your concern. Someone will attend to you even if the counsellor is not available at that time.
Outside office hours: Call 1-800-221 4444 (SOS 24-hour Hotline) or 995 (ambulance) or 999 (police).

Do I have to pay any fees for the services or programmes?
No, the services and programmes offered are free-of-charge to all students unless otherwise indicated.

Can I be assured of my privacy when I provide information to the counsellor?
All information gathered in the provision of Personal Counselling and Disability Support will remain confidential within Student Care & Guidance except when:

  1. There is legal obligation to disclose; or
  2. Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at risk; or
  3. Verification of attendance is the only information required; or
  4. You have given consent for the release of information

Contact Us

Walk-in: PSB Academy Delta Campus, E-103  (Student Affairs Office)

Tel: +65 6390 9214