07 Aug 2017

Ivy Makes the Best of Her Campus Life in PSB Academy and Nanyang Technological University

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Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Management)
University of Newcastle Australia
Graduated in 2013


It is easy to understand why people say that Ivy has a very positive outlook on life. She seems to subscribe to this philosophy: Enjoy and make the best of your life.

“Finding my position is very important when I was studying in PSB Academy. I was thinking about how to make my study life more interesting, different and meaningful, and I don’t want to only gain a certificate at the end of my university life. I found my first position in this school that laid the foundation for me to build my leadership skill, interact with international students, and achieve good academic performance.”

When she was a student of PSB Academy Ivy was active in student life, getting involved in Student Council as well as in the Chinese Student Association. Ivy was full of zest, always had a cheerful smile, and she realised how her participation in student activities would allow her to learn about leadership skills, discover her potentials, and chart her personal growth. 

“I was so surprised that PSB Academy was  supportive of student associations, clubs and events. Gaining the experience to organise events really helps students differentiate from other fresh graduates. And there were helpful Student Affairs staff and responsible lecturers, just like family, always giving guidance, advice and support for our events and studies. Lecturers guided me about my career interest and helped me to analyse my own strengths and potential.”

“My family also encouraged me to join associations and make more friends. And friends were always very helpful and supportive in every event that I organised.”

For a Chinese student, where communicating in English is usually difficult, Ivy’s biggest fear was not being able to express herself well in English.

“I was fearful to speak out my ideas even when they were great. The only way to overcome it was to keep practising. I tried to read more, speak more, and open my mind to learn more.  I think every event that I participated in helped me build my confidence, leadership and presentation skills. These are all important for my career.”

When Ivy graduated, she returned to her hometown in China and worked as a ‘Studying Abroad’ consultant. It was in her job that she chanced upon a story about a Chinese Ph.D student’s entrepreneurial experience in the USA. The story told about how he brought his team and new technology back to China and laid the foundation for a new technology park, something similar to the one in Silicon Valley, USA. That story had a strong impact on her and it motivated Ivy to take up a post-graduate programme where she hoped it would open a path for her to emulate the success of this Ph.D student. She found the Master of Science Technopreneurship and Innovation programme from NTU to be just what she needed. Just a few months into her job, Ivy decided to quit and took the trip back to Singapore to begin her student life all over again.

“That is a completely new area which attracted me to further my studies.  Due to my academic performance as well as my excellent student activity experience in PSB Academy, I was selected for this programme.”

“During the process, I learnt a lot on how to start a new business, improved my presentation skill, met many young entrepreneurs and motivated by their      experiences. During the last part of this course, from April to June 2014, we had an immersion trip to the USA where we visited companies like Tesla and Intel and met many successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. We also had short study trips to top universities like UC Berkeley, MIT, Stanford and Harvard Business School. Those became an unforgettable memory for me. The immersion trip has had a great influence on my future career.” 

Ivy will be completing her Master’s degree in August 2015 when she turns 23, and there is a brilliant future for her. Her plan is to gain more work experience, hopefully with great teams of people, and then look for opportunities to start her own business either in Singapore or China. Her mantra is:

Set your targets and goals, and then fight for it no matter how hard it takes. When people don’t understand you, laugh at you, or say that the things you are doing are useless, don’t give up… give a smile, and tell yourself that four years later it will be different.” 


Article by Jeffrey Yap (Student Affairs & Industry Engagement)