Programme Enquiry

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Graduation & Award of Qualification

Award of Qualification

To qualify for certificate, students must meet the following result criteria:

Certificate in English Proficiency Student must pass all levels of examination (Level 1, 2, 3 and 4), with the exception of exempted levels.
Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma/ Higher Diploma Student must pass all prescribed modules (with the exception of exempted modules).
Foundation Diploma in Life Sciences Students must pass all prescribed modules (with the exception of exempted modules).
Preparatory Course for Engineering Diploma Students must pass all prescribed modules (with the exception of exempted modules).


To qualify for progression, students must meet the following criteria:

Bridging Course for Diploma in Business Administration Students must pass all prescribed modules in order to qualify for progression to the Diploma in Business Administration or any of its major.

Issuing of Certificate

  • Students who fulfil the programme requirements will qualify to receive the respective certificate.
  • Students who are unable to collect the certificate personally may nominate a proxy.
  • Certificates and official transcripts will be ready for collection 6 weeks from the date of the student’s last module results release date. Students will be notified by email within 4 weeks from the last exam result release date.
  • Request for re-printing of certificates is allowed at a fee of S$160.00 (inclusive of GST) per copy. The certificate re-print service excludes CIE-validated certificates and programmes taken prior to September 2009. Re-printed certificates will be issued with a new certificate number.
  • In the event of any change in name (not as a result of spelling error) after the certificate is issued, the Academy will not accept any requests for re-issue of a new certificate or official transcript bearing the new name. Instead, students can provide documentary proof (usually a Deed Poll) verifying the change in name and a certifying letter reflecting the new name will be issued to the student. An administrative fee of S$20.00 (inclusive of GST) shall apply.
  • A package comprising the student’s transcript, certifying letter and course outline can be made available upon request at S$60.00 (inclusive of GST). An administrative fee of S$60.00 per package (inclusive of GST) is applicable. Students may also request for a single item from the package (transcript or certifying letter or course outline) at an administrative fee of S$20.00 per item. Note: Since PE Act came into force in September 2009, PSB Academy has complied with the regulatory requirements for all student records to be kept perpetually. For records prior to September 2009, PSB Academy adopts a 5-year retention policy.
  • PSB Academy reserves the right to destroy certificates which are not collected beyond the timeline indicated on the letter of notification. Requests for re-prints will be subject to the re-print fee of $160.00 (GST included) per copy.

Deadline for Completion of Programmes

Students will be allowed a specific time period to complete their programmes.

Details are as follows:
(with effect from new intakes commencing 21 September 2011 onwards)

Duration of programmeDeadline for completion of programme
Less than 6 months Up to 6 months after course completion date
2 years or less Up to 12 months after course completion date
More than 2 years Up to 18 months after course completion date