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Youth Leadership Camp

This is an annual event for our new student leaders to learn how to be an effective leader before they embark on their leadership journey. The 2 day one night training camp was held in November 2014. Student leaders also learnt about PSB Academy core values through teambuilding activities and understanding individual differences through personality traits.

Why PSB Academy? Hear from our fellow Indian Students. 

PSB Academy is one of the largest private education institution in Singapore with more than 50 years of experience in providing high quality education to meet individual needs. Supported by full-time lecturers and experienced associates, our international students benefit from a quality education in Singapore each year. Hear more from our Dean and fellow students.

Sai Lein Kham Main, Myanmar

Diploma in Business Administration, PSB Academy

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Wollongong, Australia

"PSB Academy is the place where I first learnt the things that made me stand out in every aspect of my life – the place where I learnt to connect with other people on a level deeper than just schoolwork or play. Currently, I am working as a Financial Services Consultant in a multi-national financial institution where I can display my excellent interpersonal and communication skills thanks to PSB Academy. PSB Academy will always occupy a special place in my heart."

Lay Kiet Van, Vietnam

Bachelor of Business with Distinction, The University of Newcastle, Australia

"PSB Academy has given me an unforgettable journey in my student life. The curriculum at PSB is very interesting and engaging. Lecturers and tutors are very enthusiastic and helpful because they not only delivered specialized academic knowledge, but also shared their real life experiences, which was much more valuable in my opinion. While studying at PSB Academy, I have had a lot of chances to participate in many activities organized by Student Affairs, which gave me opportunities to learn about international cultures and develop my social and personal skills. Moreover, PSB Academy has given me an opportunity to kick start my career as a Management Trainee after graduation. This position will help me a lot to learn and develop the skills needed, which enhances my career growth. I sincerely thank PSB Academy for a wonderful journey that I had and the never-ending opportunities to excel."

Catherine Salim, Indonesia

Bachelor of Business, The University of Newcastle, Australia

"I believe by choosing to study in this course, I am able to learn the way of business and to hone my communication skills. I have learnt many new things about marketing as well as the truth behind every marketers, on how they market their products in many exciting ways the lecturers have explained. Thus I am able to apply what I have learnt.

The interactive way of teaching has allowed me to be more active in learning and has also improved my academic skills in real life. I participated in the Student Council and Indonesian Students Association, which has enriched my student life in many ways. It has been an amazing year of learning for me"

Annie Ngoc Bao Tran, Vietnam

Master of Business Administration, The University of Newcastle, Australia

"I wanted to look for a suitable Master-level course in Singapore (as it is closer to home- Vietnam compare to other countries such as Australia, UK or US). Beside those well-known programs that require at least 3 years of working experiences, it occurred to me that PSB Academy offered a MBA from UON, one of the most competent programmes in Singapore, so I decided to apply for it.

During the course, I was fortunate to be part of a group of students coming from all walks of life; learning from one another. All of them came from different countries and held different jobs before coming for the course. It was indeed an eye-opening opportunity, and I guessed I could only have this in a Master course in a globalized country like Singapore. Apart from that, the course curriculum and the classes have enriched me a lot as well."

Janhameshua Cajee Syiem, India

Master of Business Administration, The University of Newcastle, Australia

"I chose to pursue UON MBA programme at PSB Academy as the modules are taught by professionals from Australia. It is a top-notch and recognised programme.

I have gained knowledge and understanding in various business concepts and analysis which is applicable to my own business.

This qualification has given me more confidence and prepared me to take my career to greater heights. Moreover, Singapore is a beautiful garden city and is a very safe country."

Zhao Yi Ting, China

Bachelor of Business, The University of Newcastle, Australia

"I chose this course of study because I am interested in business and I would like to go into this field of industry after my degree. From the course, I learnt lots of business strategies and also understand how to apply them in real life. I learnt how to be independent and hardworking while studying in Singapore. Besides this, I have made new friends and the lecturers are very professional in course delivery.With a good number of facilities supporting a dynamic learning environment, I am glad that I have made the right choice."

Alan Pang, Malaysia

Bachelor of Business, The University of Newcastle, Australia

"PSB Academy is my choice of school to study in because of the quality courses that are offered, the vibrant student life, and the 50 years of expertise they have under their belt. PSB Academy has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the students are taken care holistically so that we can enjoy our campus life to the fullest by offering services such as counselling and care for students with special needs.

The school also offers a very robust student life with ample opportunities for student leaders to be developed and trained by allowing them to discover their leadership qualities. Being a student leader, not only was I able to form strong bonds with students across various cultures and nationalities, I also had plenty of opportunities to meet industry leaders and attend professional courses - all of which I found to be an enriching and educational experience."

Min Kyungtaek, South Korea

Diploma in Business Administration, PSB Academy

"PSB Academy allows me to communicate effectively with other peers, coming from different walks of life. I am in the Korean Student Association Club (KSA) in which I am given ample opportunities to develop my organisational skills and leadership qualities. Besides this, my course of study allows me to gain more knowledge in the business industry, in which I find it relevant and useful. Singapore is a safe country to live and study in, and I highly recommend to those who are interested to study overseas."

Lidya Suryani, Indonesia

Bachelor of Commerce, The University of Newcastle, Australia

"PSB Academy is my one and only choice. There are many student clubs, associations and exciting activities that give me opportunities to spread my wings. Another factor that attracts me is the high quality education provided. The lecturers, tutors are employed, including examination questions and course documents are provided, directly from the University."

Shin Hyesun, South Korea

Diploma in Business Administration, PSB Academy

"I am an exchange student, coming over for a semester. The reason I chose PSB Academy for the exchange is because it is a safe country and the central location makes it convenient for me to commute. I have known many friends during this short period of time and this wonderful experience will always be with me. The staff is friendly and takes care of our needs to ensure we are taken care of.”

Duncan Macdougal, Australia

Master of Business Administration, The University of Newcastle, Australia

"I chose this course of study because it enhances my career opportunities and improve my general cultural knowledge. I have gained knowledge on the various business case studies and cultural learning experience, which has given me an insight on how to manage my business effectively. Overall, it is a structured programme which I would recommend this course to those who are interested in higher education pursuit."

Irene Octavia, Indonesia

Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction, The University of Newcastle, Australia

"One of the factors that attracted me is the central location of the campus. The course is held in PSB Academy and it is centrally located in Tiong Bahru. The course offers short duration of 2 years to complete my Bachelor degree. I got to know so many good people while studying here. I have learnt what is leadership and teamwork, which is useful for my future application in work. I have also gained useful knowledge in accounting, marketing and other important subjects. I joined the Peer Assisted Study Programme where I provided tutorials to my juniors to help them gained better results."

Orapa Tangtrakulchareon, Thailand

Master of Business Administration, The University of Newcastle, Australia

"I chose PSB Academy because of its good reputation as one of the leading private education institutions in Singapore. Furthermore, PSB Academy has been certified the full 4-year EduTrust award, which is an exceptional mark of quality. This MBA programme is fast-track and enables students to finish the course in one year. Lecturers are full-time academic staff from the University and have years of vast industrial experience, which creates a practical learning environment useful for the real-working business place."