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Be the Driver, Not the Passenger of Your Life

Willy Arnan Pratama


Alumnus, Class of 2016

Bachelor of Business 

The University of Newcastle, Australia

Willy with his parents

Growing up in a family in Yogyakarta with enterprising parents who were business owners, Willy was familiar with the ins-and-outs of running a business even from a young age. The exposure to the world of business from a young age allowed him to cultivate an enterprising spirit and passion for the industry, so it was no surprise that Willy enrolled for the Bachelor of Business (Major in Management and Marketing) with the University of Newcastle, Australia when he had the chance.

As a millennial, Willy was well-aware of how his peers were in support of tech companies that are disrupting traditional businesses. With youth and time on his side, Willy was confident that a formal education would complement his plans of starting a business in future.

Singapore was the perfect destination for him to further his education—it was about 2 hours from his home in Yogyakarta, and he was assured of the quality of education he would receive as education institutions upheld strict quality controls. Apart from being deeply interested in business, Willy chose to study at PSB Academy also because of its robust student life and excellent graduate outcomes.

Getting a university education was one of the most important decisions in life for Willy as he gained a lot more more than just technical knowledge about marketing and management. Through group projects and assignments, he learnt what it meant to be a good team player; by possessing good communication skills, emphatic listening skills, respect, and group synergy, he could perform better when he became part of the workforce.

Willy in the OfficeThe lecturers took great pride in ensuring that Willy and his course-mates did their best for their exams and assignments, which inspired Willy to do better, as they have been supportive and encouraging through his interactions with them. Thanks to their help, Willy was able to attain excellent results for his coursework.

Amongst his best memories spent at PSB Academy were his group projects and working with members of varying backgrounds and cultures, and it was interesting to understand group dynamics with different members and learn more about each other along the way.

After graduating with a Bachelor in Business (Major in Management and Marketing), Willy had plans to delve into sport tourism, eco-tourism, or fintech, as he believes that there are plenty of untapped opportunities within those industries. Armed with skills in analytical market research, communication, business planning and strategic thinking, Willy feels he is ready for any challenges that come his way.

Today, Willy is the Marketing Director for GA LINK GROUP, a business consultation and asset management service provider based in Yogyakarta. It oversees several subsidiary businesses in various industries including printing & publishing, digital communication system, paper asset investment, professional training and development centre, and garments.