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Changing his world, one innovation at a time

Jerald Tan

As a child, Jerald always had several answers to the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  He wanted to be a nutritionist, a cancer research scientist, a scientific author, and even a lecturer. As time passed, Jerald learnt that to attain even one of these proverbial dream jobs, he had to start small. It was then that the young boy realised that the common trait running through his ambitions was the study of science, and that was when he made excelling in Science his primary goal in school. 

At age 16, Jerald chose to specialise in the diploma of biomedical science at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and was convinced that the particular field of study would serve as the firm foundation for his career goals. Thus, upon graduation, Jerald wasted no time in enrolling for the Bachelor in Biomedical Science offered by La Trobe University at PSB Academy. This course is an established one in the biomedical research field due to its rigorous curriculum, and coupled with the well-equipped learning environment of the tertiary campus, Jerald knew immediately that PSB Academy was perfect for him.

As the backbone of modern healthcare, the study of biomedical sciences degree opened Jerald to a world of understanding the human body, its structure, functions, and underlying molecular theory. What would have seemed like rocket science to many felt like magic to Jerald and he relished every module and lecture presented to him in those 24 months.

As excited as he was about his education, Jerald recalled that his learning journey had its own fair share of trials which taught him the importance of discipline and time management. Thankfully, with the support of his course mates and lecturers, Jerald was able to find a steady rhythm and quickly thrived in his studies. He shared, “Despite the difficulty of tackling the advanced syllabus within a condensed period, the tutors made sure that they provided us with the tools to help us to cope well with the challenges. The lecturers were kind and approachable and many of them went the extra mile to ensure that we had a good grasp of the study materials.”

Eager to put the knowledge and research skills gleaned from his studies to good use, Jerald took on an internship with the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) upon graduation, and eventually scored a position at MuISET. As a startup aiming to create innovative products to assist educational and environmental research studies in less-developed countries, the company’s mission resonated deeply with Jerald’s personal beliefs, thus spurring him to take on the challenge of developing the business.   

As the Business Development Associate and Project Manager of the firm, the 24-year-old plays an integral role in the development of products such as the portable microscope - a device which made MuISET a ‘to-watch’ company in the biomedical industry in Thailand. Additionally, Jerald’s strong academic background in biology also qualifies him as a fitting representative for projects and pharmaceutical trade shows across Asia. Today, Jerald helms the biomedical research counsel team in Thailand and provides consultancy services to companies in the region.

As Jerald continues to mark the checkboxes of his life, he hopes to eventually attain a Master’s degree and pursue his ambitions one brilliant invention at a time.  He says, “I always had a deep passion for science and I hope that with what I have learnt, I will make contributions to improve both the scientific and the non-scientific community in time to come.”