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Chasing the Entrepreneurial Dream

Joshua Gan

Joshua Gan

Current Student

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business and Marketing

Coventry University

This article is published in the September 2016 issue of The First Degree, a publication of TODAY, Mediacorp Press. By NICOLETTE ONG
PUBLISHED: 12:50 PM, OCTOBER 10, 2016
Read the story on TODAY here

Singaporean Joshua Gan, who is originally from Thailand, left polytechnic after a year to pursue a one-year diploma programme at a private institution and a 16-month degree programme at PSB Academy.

The 22-year-old said: “This will help me start working earlier than my peers and give me more time to explore different jobs before I settle on something I am comfortable with.”

He tells us more about his decision.

Why pursue your degree with PSB Academy?

I didn’t want a broad degree as I have a clear idea about what I want to study. PSB Academy’s degree in business and marketing is awarded by the reputable Coventry University. The programme is very focused, with modules that specialise in business and marketing.

What sparked your interest in marketing and business?

I have loved communicating with people since I was young, and I find marketing an interesting field. Marketing is vital in ensuring consumer demand and product innovation. These subjects will allow me to express myself in a unique way and learn about products and their designs.

What is it like studying at PSB Academy?

We know how to work hard and play hard. The Student Affairs and Industry Team organises fun events for students, but when it’s time to be serious, the campus will be filled with students preparing for their exams.

Studying at PSB Academy has also exposed me to a cosmopolitan culture as many international students are enrolled.

Why is it important for you to be in an international setting?

You never know whose help you might need if you want to venture into a foreign market. Having friends from around the world will help me when I set up a business overseas. I hope to return to Thailand to set up my own company in the next few years. The networks I build now will be useful in the future.

While studying, you worked part-time jobs in the retail, hospitality and entertainment sectors. How did this benefit you?

Working part-time lets me better understand basic marketing concepts, like how customers behave and decide on their purchase. It also exposes me to different industries and helps me understand the customer’s mindset when they buy specific products.

These experiences let me apply the theories I learn at school. It also inspires me to fulfil my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

You will be graduating next April. What’s next for you?

I plan to find a job and I already have a few companies in mind, mainly Thai companies based in Singapore. I am proficient in Thai and English, and these skills will be useful.


SKILL SET: Students from the business and marketing degree (Coventry University) programme can fine-tune their research and analytical abilities to understand consumer behaviour, and develop critical understanding of business, from management to entrepreneurship. They will also learn marketing research and strategy, while developing skills in digital marketing, global marketing, and services and retail marketing.

CAREER PROSPECTS: Students can continue their education with a Masters of Business Administration, or look into careers across industries with roles such as market  researcher, strategic development executive, business development executive, and product manager.

EXPANSION PLANS: PSB Academy has a new campus in Marina Square. This 100,000 sq ft city campus will host English proficiency programmes, as well as diploma, degree and post-graduate courses in accounting and finance, and business and communication from its university partners.