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Get to Work

Chandro Viryanto Lie

The thirst for knowledge and being able to get into the work force quickly were prime reasons to fuel Chandro’s passion to work hard and excel academically.


1. What made you choose the course and university you did?

I wanted to pursue a business course after I graduated from polytechnic with Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media. I knew that University of Newcastle at PSB Academy could give me a degree that I could graduate in two years.


2. What made you choose the route of furthering your studies with a private education institution (versus a local / national university)?

I think a two-year degree at a private institution would be a quicker means to jump into the working world.


3. In what ways has this course value added to your career / personal development? What kind of opportunities would you say this course has presented to you?

I think my lecturers were kind enough to share real-life examples in the working world, thereby allowing me to embrace the realities of the working world and what kind of person I would be as an employee in a company.


4. How do you manage your time working and studying / when you worked and studied at the same time? Any tips / words of wisdom for prospective students / other students?

My two-year degree course at PSB Academy allowed me to be a student leader. It was a challenge to manage time for studying and being a student leader. When exams are around the corner, I just had to prioritize my time.


5. Was there anyone who motivated you through the challenges of completing the course?

My family has been my sole pillar of support; they helped me take some pressure off academic life.


6. How would you describe your experience at PSB Academy?

I could say that my experience at PSB Academy was memorable because I spent most of my time staying in school doing activities such as running, joining events and playing badminton. This has given me opportunities to build my leadership and communication skills.


7. What do you do in your leisure / spare time? How do you strike a balance in your life?

In my spare time, I like to hang out with my friends and walk around the city. I would go to gym and play badminton because this spare time allows me to enjoy myself and get away from my phone for a while. However, sometimes I prefer to be alone to do some “me time”.


8. What would be the one thing you’ll say to other / prospective students who are coping with challenges with their education? (This will be the quote attributed to you in relevant materials!)

Inevitably, stress will come into your life. Try to prioritize important tasks first and always remain positive.