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It always seems impossible until it's done

Phu Myat Mon


Alumnus, Class of 2017


Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Business and Finance


Coventry University, UK


Top Student Award Winner



I'm from Mandalay, Myanmar, and I currently work as a student recruitment and community manager at Chindwin College Myanmar. I focus on providing academic consultancy on courses offered by the college to both potential and current students, and manage relationships with our partnered colleges and universities to enhance student recruitment opportunities. My responsibilities include analysing the competitive landscape and revising our recruitment strategy to changes in the market, planning and executing both public and private student recruitment events and seminars, and organising student community activities, clubs, trainings and internal tournaments for the current students. 


My favourite quote which has motivated me throughout the years, is, "It always seems impossible until it's done" by Nelson Mandela. My elder brother shared this with me and it has helped me a lot during all the tough times, teaching me not to give up easily on something that seems impossible, and that there's always hope and positive results for someone who perseveres. 


I completed a diploma in business management at Pearson UK, and I wanted to study something new in Myanmar, around the area of finance and investment. I found a 16-month bachelor degree program offered by Coventry University in business and finance, offered through PSB Academy—it was relevant to my UK diploma and could take me on the fast track to starting a career soon. This, plus the fact that the programme is offered in Singapore, which is much nearer to my home country with much more affordable tuition fees, helped me make my decision.


It was not easy to cope with the assignment and continual assessment system in my degree program, as I was only familiar with general exams and tests. I attended classes regularly, had to be more attentive to the lectures than my classmates, and had to read more textbooks to understand new business and finance terms. Moreover, since my family was not financially strong, I had to make sure to dedicate my best effort only to the studying, achieve the highest results throughout the bachelor program and make my family proud. My family was the driving force behind my determination, and that helped me achieve top results in my cohort.