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Never Say Die

Michael Morgan

His inner voice called out to him to pursue a higher education. This school dropout is proof that people can rise above their challenges and achieve their goals. This is an individual who may have bloomed academically late but the quest for knowledge drove him to gain a better footing in the corporate world.

1. What made you choose the course and university you did?

I spent time getting to know Loughborough University by enquiring at the British Consulate with the help of immigration offices here in Singapore and through their website. I also found out that Loughborough University collaborated with NUS and some arts schools in Singapore. Strangely, I didn’t want an easy course structure. Some institutions offered a one-year degree course while others only offered accredited degrees from overseas universities. However at PSB Academy, they offered universities that were directly involved with the courses and degrees. I wanted the real thing and I wanted the challenge. There was no point for me to take a degree course here when there is no challenge and you don’t learn anything. Loughborough University was undoubtedly a tough course but I decided I was up for the challenge.

2. What made you choose the route of furthering your studies with a private education institution (versus a local / national university)?

I made my decision on the advice of friends and speaking to the sales person when I signed up. Loughborough University gave me this opportunity to attain a degree in the quickest way. PSB Academy showed me how I could attain my dreams and so I motivated myself to do the course. It is not easy. We had to prepare, we had to study, and we had assignments to complete. I guess I found the PSB courses tough, but if they weren’t so, I would have felt unaccomplished. I definitely think I made the right choice. Loughborough University is not an ordinary university and PSB Academy takes a professional approach in education and learning and provides a great service to its students.  

3. In what way has this course added value to your career / personal development? What kind of opportunities would you say this course has presented to you?

Experience at work helps you to be aware of situations and circumstances. Education should be a life-long learning process and will allow you to better analyse and evaluate problems. I think some of the lecturers such as Ms Chi Ching and Ms Maxine encourage us to discuss topics in a healthy, engaging manner. It really broadened up my mind.

4. How do you manage your time working and studying / when you worked and studied at the same time? Any tips / words of wisdom for prospective students / other students?

As Confucius said, “It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you keep on moving.”

I do plan and organise my time which is a very important to me. There are many times we cannot stick to plans due to work and family commitments. However, we still keep on moving to meet those goals and stick to the schedule. I think organising your life is critical and also try to make time for self-reflection. It’s important to work as a team and interact with your classmates so you don’t alienate yourself.

5. Was there anyone who motivated you through the challenges of completing the course?

“There are no great men. Just great challenges which ordinary men, out of necessity, are forced by circumstance to meet.” – Admiral William Fredrick Halsey Jr

The people who motivated me throughout my course are my classmates, my family and that included myself. We need to motivate ourselves to keep on going and the quest to gain more knowledge should never cease. I have a few of my classmates who failed some subjects and had to re-take the module. We motivate them too but without any self-motivation, they would not have completed the module.

6. How would you describe your experience at PSB Academy?
PSB Academy was a wonderful and great experience. From induction day, I found most of the students from other countries to be very humble and friendly. Everything was well prepared so the course has been very smooth.

7. What do you do in your leisure / spare time? How do you strike a balance in your life?

I love to read. I read mostly fiction and non-fiction books. Reading makes me relax and be at ease. I take a book and go to a café in a familiar environment and order my coffee. My other past time is meeting people in groups such as philosophy clubs and we discuss many issues and agendas. Sometimes my classmates would have plan KTV sessions and dinners.

8. What would be the one thing you’ll say to other / prospective students who are coping with challenges with their education? (This will be the quote attributed to you in relevant materials!)

It is important to be decisive and determined to follow through the course. Try to prioritise things in your life so you meet your academic goals.