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Perseverance is Key to Success

Mark Lim


Alumnus, Master of Business Administration in Finance

The University of Nottingham

Mark LimA well-trained engineer with close to three years of experience at a chemical supply chain firm, Mark was well aware of the fast-changing employment landscape in Singapore. Recognising the conundrum that many of his peers were experiencing due to issues of unemployment and career stagnation, Mark realised that it was vital for him to acquire a new set of critical skills should he desire to rise in the corporate ranks. Compelled to venture into the marketing and commercial sales department at his workplace but crippled by the lack of appropriate skills and expertise, Mark began his research on the possible post-graduate programmes that he could pursue to give him a leg-up for his career transition.

With so many MBA programmes to choose from, the task to select the right course was a tough one. To help narrow down his selection, Mark established a list of key criteria to aid his decision-making process. Of the various factors, Mark placed great emphasis on the quality of education and the flexibility of its curriculum that the list of schools he was perusing could provide.  After much deliberation, Mark decided to enrol in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance programme with the University of Nottingham at PSB Academy. Known for its internationally accredited business programme, as well as its holistic and flexible curriculum, Mark knew immediately that this programme at PSB Academy would bring him to greater heights.

While the pursuit of higher learning was undeniably strenuous, Mark found his time as a student at PSB Academy thoroughly meaningful and enjoyable. When asked to share some of his favourite moments at the institution, he recalled how his lectures facilitated class discussions through engaging Skype sessions, together with the all-nighters he pulled alongside his classmates in preparation for class submissions and presentations.

Just two and a half years into his post-graduate degree, the impact of the skills and knowledge that Mark amassed quickly took effect as he was promoted to Assistant Commercial Manager. Despite it being an entirely new field of work, Mark was not discouraged and was actually excited to dive right into the ongoing marketing projects. Slowly but surely, he cultivated a knack for developing strategies that contributed towards the maximisation of the organisation’s revenue, and also invested a sizeable amount of his time in helping the company build and retain a strong commercial presence in the chemical industry. 

While juggling his new role at work and pursuing his degree concurrently was not at all easy, Mark shared that he was able to maintain a healthy work-life balance due to the support he received from his family, colleagues and lecturers. He was particularly thankful for how his supervisors and co-workers scheduled projects to accommodate his hectic schedule.  

All in all, the Nottingham MBA in Finance enabled Mark to step out of his comfort zone and push himself in both the areas of his personal and career development. Even as he strives to achieve excellence in his day-to-day job, Mark shared that his passion for life-long learning will someday lead him to becoming a successful entrepreneur. To his juniors who might be finding it hard to navigate through life’s challenges, he says, “Don’t let others determine whether you can or cannot complete a task. Perseverance is key to success.”