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Small Steps, Big Dreams

Tricia Harvinder Kaur


Master of Business Administration

Nottingham University

Tricia Harvinder Kaur

Juggling a full-time job and part-time degree program is not easy, much less for a mother of two. 

When Tricia Kaur was not busy changing diapers and tidying up behind a trail of toys, she divided her time between her assignments from work and projects from school. Recognising early in life that there are no shortcuts to success, the 37-year-old always squared her shoulders and gritted her teeth in the face of challenging times. As a result, Tricia was not only able to sustain her career while caring for her young children, but also worked her way up to postgraduate studies. 

As a young lady, Tricia looked forward to completing higher education just like many of her peers. Though she never gave up on her desire to learn more, her plans were put on a momentary hold when she got married and started building a family after the completion of her ‘O’ levels. As one door closed and another opened, the path that she took led Tricia to her first encounter with the Human Resource (HR) industry, where she worked as an HR and Office executive and climbed her way to a managerial post within seven years. While she lived each day of her hectic life to the fullest, it soon occurred to Tricia that it was time to pursue a diploma if she wanted to rise up the corporate ladder and stay relevant in the industry.

Having found her passion for education, Tricia began researching and devouring all possible information on the available higher education options that could serve her needs. Taking into consideration childcare arrangements and travelling distance, Tricia eventually enrolled for the part-time diploma program in Business Administration at PSB Academy and graduated successfully a year later.

Driven to further challenge herself, the HR professional did not allow her learning journey to end there. Her next step was to pursue a degree in Business Studies and Human Resource Management offered by Loughborough University, a leading business school in the United Kingdom. Tricia’s decision to power through with the two-year degree program was spurred by her motivation to learn more about the human resource management aspects of the business environment.

As a newly-minted degree-holder, Tricia was quickly appointed as the head of team of support staff at her workplace. The increase in responsibility was a welcomed challenge for highly-driven individual, and to further satisfy her unsatiated appetite for learning and lead her colleagues better, Tricia decided to enrol herself in the Master’s in Business Administration programme with Nottingham University. As an internationally accredited course designed for aspiring managers to tackle the emerging knowledge-based economy, the programme proved to be fast-paced and demanding for Tricia especially in her semester. Even then, the thought of giving up never crossed her mind.

The mother of two always found herself looking forward to classes, sharing that the curriculum was engaging, relevant, and served to add value to her day-to-day work experiences. Tricia expressed that the skills and knowledge gleaned from her pursuit of higher learning enabled her to become more prudent, critical and efficient when making decisions on the job, and hopes that the upskilling effort will further prepare her to be future-ready.

The life-long learner also spoke fondly of the kind and friendly lecturers, recalling that the professors were always ready and willing to offer their time and expertise whenever she failed to grasp concepts and theories. They played a big role in inspiring her to better herself and fulfil her childhood ambition of graduating with a master’s degree. She said, “Follow your dreams and never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. You can achieve them if you put your mind to it.”