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Success doesn’t lie in being smarter than everyone, but in keeping yourself grounded and focused.

Kefri Tio

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering

Coventry University, UK

Kefri Tio

As a teenager, Kefri Tio had everything he could ever need; his friends, the lifestyle, food, and so on – he had it good and he was safe. There was no cause for worry or a need to step outside beyond what was asked of him – or so he thought.

When it came time for Kefri to further his studies, his parents decided it would be best to send him abroad. Singapore topped their list of choices, as it offers quality education, and was close enough to home.

Kefri made a decision to take up a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, as he had a strong interest in the automotive industry, and wanted to combine that interest with his love for the undisputable nature of mathematics in the field of hard science.

Kefri reluctantly packed his bags and before he knew it, he was already 36,000 feet in the air en-route to Changi Airport. Since he started living independently and out of his comfort zone, he started to pay more attention to his environment and learnt more about himself.

“You should not just aim to pass. You must have passion and responsibility in the things you do,” said Kefri’s lecturer, Dr Goh Eng Yew, something which he has kept close to his heart to this day.

Kefri graduated at the top of his cohort for his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, but ironically has never considered his grades to be the most important part of his education journey. He emphasised that the process of learning precedes the ranking of the university or your grades. One may attain good grades but without the ability to think critically or the right attitude towards work, one will still be hindered from achieving their fullest potential. Kefri was committed to making full use of his time as a student, by learning to be an excellent team-player and maintain good relationships with his classmates and lecturers, as these soft skills are key to helping him develop as an effective worker. Not only did the Diploma helped him hone technical skills which can help him proceed to the next level of studies, through his education, he has learnt how to adapt and interact with his environment.

Knowing that time was money, Kefri owes much of his success to his parent’s sacrifice and willingness to support him in the quest to upgrade himself, which motivated him to complete his course on time, and to excel at it.

After such a remarkable achievement, Kefri still maintains that one must be honest to one’s self – that there is no point cheating to get good results and miss out on the precious learning process. Grades, titles, and wealth will fade away some day but knowledge will stay with you forever.

Kefri has since progressed to a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering course with Coventry University knowing that it can help him gain an advantage in the highly competitive and demanding field of engineering. Kefri aspires to be a professional engineer and lead in innovating new products and procedures for the greater good.