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Success is no accident

Hubert Lee

While most millennials filled their weekends with jaunts to the cinema or the latest café, Hubert Lee spent most of his weekends in 2015 at a corner table in McDonalds, armed with an upsized Coca Cola and several textbooks. Becoming a student once again was no easy feat for the then-24-year-old after over 10 months of being in the workforce. Desperate to excel and yet distressed about his rusty knowledge, Hubert invested a whopping 8 hours each weekend poring over research papers and his personal scribbles from the week’s lessons. He knew he needed personal time but never did resent the time and effort that excellence required. True to the saying “hard work begets success”, Hubert is now well on his way to graduating from PSB Academy with outstanding results.   

The story of Hubert’s pursuit of higher education began after almost a year of earning a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. As a fresh graduate, Hubert applied for a job at a power electronics company and began working there first as an electrician and then as a test and service technician. As time passed, Hubert experienced an inexplicable thirst for deeper knowledge on electrical engineering that only further education could quench. Listening to his instincts, Hubert enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering programme, and found himself back in school.

Spanning across 16 months, the degree programme grants students access to the latest technologies in the field. A big bonus of this Coventry University course stems from their dedication in providing undergraduates with transferrable skills. As a career-driven individual, Hubert found great value in the practical teachings in the areas of innovation, design and development because these skills are important in the workplace.

While Hubert gained immeasurably from his time at PSB Academy, the road to success was not without bumps. The fact that the Bachelor’s programme was a year-long programme acted as a double-edged sword for the 26-year-old. On one hand, the expedited curriculum was the primary reason Hubert decided to pursue higher education in the first place. It equipped him with the expertise that he was hungry for while not withholding his time and desire to climb the market ladder. On the other, this meant that each trimester was packed to the rafters with back-to-back modules that carried a slew of projects in its wake. Naturally, the first couple of months were filled with both physical and mental pressure to cope with the pace of lessons while still delivering assignments with finesse. As the weeks progressed, Hubert found his own rhythm and started to strike all the right notes.

In spite of all his achievements, the modest gentleman claims little credit for himself and instead attributes his success to the people around him. He says, “My friends and family are definitely the ones who helped me cross the finish line in the course of my studies. Their help and support were the main source of motivation for me. The educators at PSB academy are very supportive and helpful towards us and they always do their best to help us when we are in doubt.”

Since the completion of the degree programme, Hubert was offered a job as a service engineer at an organisation that specialises in power control solutions. Even as Hubert strives to achieve excellence in his day-to-day tasks, he shares that his passion for life-long learning will someday lead him to pursuing a Masters’ degree.