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Success is nothing without continual growth

Faisal Khan

Current Student

Master of Business Administration (Part-Time)

The University of Nottingham, UK


“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of the United States, once shared this adage, which echoes across the halls of time. The world is continuously improving and progressing, and professionals who do keep up may get left in the dust.

This sentiment especially resonates with Mr Faisal Khan, given the nature of his industry. Faisal works with Oracle, one of the world’s largest software giants, as a Digital and Core Banking specialist. He has been in the technology industry since 1999 and has more than 17 years of expertise meeting the IT needs of major banks and financial service companies.

Faisal grew up in Mumbai, India through to his undergraduate days, and has since worked in different cities. Before he came to Singapore 7 years ago, Faisal was based in Germany. He also travels extensively as part of his daily responsibilities.

Although Faisal has reached a certain level of professional achievement, he felt that he needed to acquire new competencies to stay ahead and propel his career to new heights. Doing an MBA from a prestigious business school was thus the next logical move as part of Faisal’s career roadmap.

Of course, choosing an MBA in Singapore, where there are so many choices, is not easy. Faisal’s key criteria were the prestige of the business school and the quality of education. After doing his due diligence in researching the various options available, Faisal decided on Nottingham University Business School due to its high global rankings, business school accreditation, Nottingham’s tri-campus faculty delivery of modules, as well as the opportunities to study modules abroad and go on overseas business study tours.

During his MBA, some of Faisal’s most memorable highlights are viewing the world through strategic perspectives, applying game theory in competitive strategies, understanding business intelligence and big data analytics, and learning from other students who come from various industry and vocational backgrounds.

Mid-way through his MBA, Faisal has already observed improvements in his analytical skills and reignited his love for reading. A regular speaker at conferences and events, he feels that his points are better substantiated, which leads as well to a boost in his confidence when he is up on stage.

It is not easy to juggle an MBA alongside career and family commitments, especially with the need to conduct business abroad. Faisal is thankful that his wife has been very supportive of both his work and education. His wife is a key anchor that sustains him in the midst of daily pressures. Although life may get hectic, Faisal makes it a point to spend time during weekends with his family.

All in all, the Nottingham MBA has helped Faisal become a very confident individual and pushed him out of his comfort zone. He finds that the knowledge and skills he has acquired are highly applicable in his job, and he hopes that with this new-found knowledge and approach to solving problems, he will be able to advance his career to senior management.