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Taking Charge

Jazsley Zainal

It took a family crisis for Jazsley Zainal, 21, to realise he needed to take charge of his life and make plans for his future. Having been passionate about and active in sports and games since young, and served his National Service as a close combat instructor, the driven young man is undertaking a Sports Science Degree to propel him into a sports-related career.


How did you manage all your commitments – studies and your national service which completed in August?  

During my national service, my in-camp hours were rather regular from 8am to 5pm, thus allowing me to take on a two-year part-time Degree in Sports Science at PSB Academy. The challenge was more coping mentally and physically, as the fatigue sets in after a day in-camp.

And still you did it… it must have taken a lot of determination.

I attribute it to my love for sports since young, when I was part of my secondary school’s rugby team. Mixed martial arts is my other passion even before my national service days and I am glad I managed to have the opportunity to be a coach – we made it more challenging by pitting trainees against pseudo assailants!

Now that I think about it, it really was a challenging period of my life…  Maybe because I was brought up in a supportive family environment, which influenced me positively. I believe that shaped my personality to be forward thinking, bold in pursuing my passion and not giving up in the face of setbacks.

We had a particularly difficult period when my mother’s F&B business folded up. Coping with financial constraints in those two years were tough for us but also bonded our family through adversity. That was when I decided to stretch my abilities, let my passion soar as a career through a charted course.

The family difficulty has indeed made you more tenacious. While the going may be tough now, you will see the returns in due time. Why did you choose PSB Academy, instead of other institutions?

From my research, I found my Degree at PSB Academy the most relevant. Indeed, PSB Academy has allowed me to stay focused, find meaning in the learning and at the same time cultivate a healthy campus lifestyle, which likely helped me cope alongside my national service.

One aspect I truly appreciate is that the academy helps new students ease into what could potentially be a daunting and unfamiliar environment. Surely, this is what all new students go through and a good start is always welcomed? 



Have you thought about what you want to do after completing the course?

While being a sports scientist is my ultimate goal, I would like to put to good use what I am learning now. Perhaps a couple of years as a personal fitness trainer, to directly help people enjoy their fitness training and at the same time give myself another perspective of sports. I am definitely looking forward to the new chapter after I complete my studies in PSB Academy.