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The Startup Hopeful

Kathleen Godfroy

Current Student

Master of Business Administration, University of Wollongong, Australia

Founder, K. Godfroy Cosmetics

Kathleen is a a startup founder of a cosmetics business founded in Singapore, called K. Godfroy Cosmetics. She manages the entire cosmetic manufacturing process of her products, from raw materials to packaging. When she’s not busy studying, you might find her managing her stall at the Tangs outlet at Harbourfront.

Kathleen’s education background was based in law and science. She used to help her peers at school map an essay, or evaluate a business (and determine its scalability). From there she learned how to share knowledge that was grounded in supporting arguments and academic evidence. As an entrepreneur, student and mother, she prides herself in having a balanced attitude towards her studies, business and work. According to Kathleen, “when I prioritize my schedule, manage my energy and expectations, and remind myself that I am no better than anyone I am able to have positive relationships with people. So, I believe my positive thinking and attitude are my biggest assets.”

She believes that an MBA will shape her understanding of her business, and is confident she can use the knowledge, insightful information, experience and network to expand and scale her business. She also hopes to be able to continue her studies, and complete a PhD in Singapore or in the U.K.

Here’s more about what influenced her decision to pursue her masters degree with the University of Wollongong, and her experience in the course so far:


What made you choose to pursue an MBA course?

I selected MBA programme because I intend to develop my managerial skills, I need to have better understanding on how to make strategic decision in business, I desire to network with likeminded people at school and lastly, I have a passion in academics. 


What made you further your studies with a private education institution?

After research and understanding the value proposition of PSB Academy I was pleasantly amazed that our school have global recognition, high-quality of education, I appreciate the MBA programme structure, the location at City Campus is practical and convenient, there are many things to do near PSB Academy City Campus, and lastly the school fees are reasonable and realistic.

I wrote my appreciation for PSB Academy on my blog -


What has your experience studying with the University of Wollongong at PSB Academy been like so far?

I only started my module (September 2017) but I can tell how is starting to influence my decisions at work. I look forward to innovating, collaborating with people, and to have a matured decision making in the business. UoW professors have provided insightful information in business.

I enjoy the group activities, class discussion and coffee with classmates. After attending the Innovation class of Dr. Shah, I edited my business proposal to a venture capitalist (VC). I learned from him how to map an essay for business, and how a company can innovate. It was awesome.


How accessible and approachable were the educators?

As someone who’s a daughter of a University Professor who’s teaching PhD students in the Philippines, I understand the type of professors that are skillful versus those who are not quality educators. Dr. Shah is definitely an asset to UOW. He taught us to map our decision making in business. He engaged us in fun activities and he allowed us to share our thoughts in the classroom. He was engaging, professional, and smart.


Was there anyone who motivated you through the challenges of completing the course/degree?

I’m new in the classroom so I am still in the process of learning about everyone. But my classmates are friendly and helpful. They also shared insightful information via our group email.


What would you say to someone who is considering higher education?

MBA is more than a title. It’s your preparation for senior management role in business, you’ll have high salary potential, you can be your own boss, you can develop your communication skills, PSB is ideal for networking, you will learn team building, there is value for money. MBA is the right investment, you will innovate and get exposure to successful leaders, and increase your chances at winning in investments from VCs if you have an MBA.


What were some of the skills that you saw the most improvement with?

At first I was hesitated to enrol because accounting is not my favourite subject. However, Mr. Suresh Ponnusamy, my programme consultant, is not only knowledgeable but also enthusiastic in his work. I like the fact that he gave me options for MBA programmes suitable for my needs and the flexibility of payment. He wasn’t pushy. He gave me informative options and academic advice.

Lastly, when I was having cold feet and unsure to enrol, he even introduced me to my future professor in Finance module. The professor explained to me about the concept of the module and how she will help everyone to understand it. After the orientation I was convinced I will study at PSB. ;)

Without this guidance I could have studied in different school or would not have taken an MBA at all. Sometimes a corporation, school or startup lies on the ability of its employees. Mr. Suresh is an asset to PSB Academy.


To read more about Kathleen's entrepreneurial and MBA journey, visit: