Dr. Charles Ong
School of Life and Physical Sciences

 Head of School

Dr Charles Ong Ban Choon is the Head of School of Life and Physical Science, PSB Academy.


Dr Ong graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (Hons) from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Master of Science in Information Technology from University of Glasgow and PhD in Chemical Engineering from NUS.

Dr Ong has over 20 years of teaching experiences and leading academic programmes at the tertiary level. He has taught many programmes in chemical and biomolecular engineering and chemistry. He strongly believes in life-long learning and is passionate in developing students to become more self-directed learners.


Dr Ong’s research interests are in the area of colloidal science and environmental technology. His other area of expertise is in workplace health and safety.


Aside from his responsibilities in teaching and research, Dr Ong contributes as a member of the Examination and Awards Board, Curriculum Review Committee and Assessment Committee at PSB Academy.


Educational Qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Chemical Engineering), National University of Singapore 2010
  • Master of Science in Information Technology (Software and Systems), 1997
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), Hons, National University of Singapore, 1996
  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment, Institute of Adult Learning, 2009


Professional Experiences

  • Head, School of Life and Physical Science, PSB Academy, 2019 – present
  • Deputy Director, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, 2014 – 2018
  • Lecturer, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, 1998 – 2018
  • Industrial Hygiene Engineer, Ministry of Manpower, 1997 – 1998


Selected Publications

  • “Surface forces arising from adsorbed ionic copolymers with hydrophilic segments in colloidal dispersions”, Leong, Y.K., Ong B.C., Tan J.H., Chandramadar AVM, Lim YY, Journal of Rheology V47, n1, Feb 2003
  • “Critical Zeta Potential and Hamaker Constant of Oxides in Water”, Leong YK, Ong BC, Powder Technology, V134, n3, Sep 2003, P249-254
  • “Characterizing the flocculated-dispersed state transition”, Leong YK, Ong BC, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, V37, n2, Feb 2004, P187-193
  • “Yield stress-zeta potential relationship of oxide dispersions with adsorbed polyacrylate - Steric effect and zeta potential at the flocculated-dispersed transition state”, Ong BC, Leong YK, Chen SB, Powder Technology, V186, n2, Aug 2008, p176-183
  • “Hydrogen Bonding and Interparticle Forces in Platelet alpha-Al2O3 Dispersions: Yield Stress and Zeta Potential” Khoo KS, The EJ, Leong YK, Ong BC, Langmuir, Vol 25, Issue 6, Mar 2009, pg 3418-3424
  • “Surface and Rheological Properties of as-received Colloidal Goethite (-FeOOH) Suspensions: pH and Polyethylenimine Effects”,C. Madigan, Y.K. Leong, B.C. Ong, International Journal of Mineral Processing 93 (2009) 41-47.
  • “Interparticle forces in spherical monodispersed silica dispersions: Effects of branched polyethylenimine and molecular weight”, Ong BC, Leong YK, Chen SB, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, v337, n1, Sept 2009, p24-31
  • “Yield stress and zeta potential of washed and highly spherical oxide dispersions — Critical zeta potential and Hamaker constant”, E-Jen Teh, Y.K. Leong, Y. Liu, B.C. Ong, C.C. Berndt and S.B. Chen, Powder Technology 198 (2010) 114-119.