Aligned with our student centricity and commitment to working with our industry partners, PSB Academy has now introduced an Alumni Mentoring Programme, giving student mentees access to experienced alumni from diverse industries and backgrounds. 
This will be a platform for our supportive alumni to share their valuable work and life insights with young individuals, and enable our students to envision a realistic perspective and be exposed to realities of the working world. 

Programme Objective

  • To establish a platform for PSB Academy students to learn from and leverage on experiences, insights and advice from our alumni
  • To provide guidance to PSB Academy students on career path, personal development and transitioning into the working world
  • To encourage active networking between PSB Academy students and alumni
  • To present opportunities for PSB Academy alumni to give back to the community 

Areas of Mentoring

Career Advice:

  • Career tips and expectation of a particular job function 
  • Advice from mentors based on their personal experience
  • Switching jobs / setting up their own businesses


Surviving the Working World:

  • What is the basic expectation of an employee in a company?
  • Proper Guidance: Transitioning from student life to the corporate world
  • Industry Experience / Entrepreneurship


Duration: 6 months

  • Matching of alumni mentors and student mentees by Alumni Engagement team
  • Mentoring pair to attend a ‘Meet & Greet’ session conducted by Alumni Engagement team
  • Establish objectives, work plan and a timeline using the Mentoring Agreement Form
  • Keep in touch with each other regularly
  • Review the agreed work plan progressively
  • Mentors and mentees to submit their feedback to Alumni Engagement team at the end of programme

For Mentors

As a mentor, you will be assigned a mentee based on his or her unique developmental needs. You will be required to help individuals develop skills, competencies and the right attitude to achieve their desired learning and outcome.

Your mentee will count on you for guidance and support in the following areas:

  • Career Coach / Advisor
  • Source of Engagement & Support
  • Resource Person

Be an Alumni Mentor now!

For Mentees

What’s next after you graduate from your studies? Do you have questions about the working world? Do you want to hear real-life experiences from someone who has been through challenges in his or her workplace? 

All students, both full-time and part-time, are welcomed to sign up for our new alumni mentoring programme. This is a platform for an assigned mentor to be your support and resource and ease your transition from school to workplace, as well as affirm your decisions for your career. 

Note: This programme is not designed to help you land a job after graduation. Please do not sign up if your objective is to meet alumni who could employ you.

Benefits for mentees:

  • Gain career and personal insights from professionals in their respective expertise
  • Prepare for the transition to the working world after graduation
  • Get advice on professional issues and how to balance new responsibilities
  • Widen your networking circles and create visibility for your personal profile
  • Learn from a role model, develop leadership and interpersonal skills and increase competencies


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