Alumni Reunions

Our Alumni Engagement team endeavours to create platforms and occasions for our alumni to celebrate, have fun and to reconnect with old friends. We encourage like-minded alumni to remain involved by sharing experiences, skills and knowledge and making new contacts.


Culinary Appreciation – The Art of Wine Appreciation

Alumni gets to learn the different types of wine, techniques of wine tasting and pairing with tapas by in-house sommelier. Cheers to know more about wine!


Fabulous Friday

A year end party where our alumni will get together and catch up over food and drinks!


Movie in the House

A quarterly blockbuster movie event where alumni and students get to watch movies and interact.



“A new friend is valuable, and an old friend is priceless.”

The overseas reunions are held to reconnect with our overseas alumni over a networking reception and dinner. The programme highlights include fun moments at the photo booth, flashback videos, campus updates, performances and alumni sharing. 

 Alumni Reunions
  • China: Guangzhou, Shanghai
  • India: Chennai, Mumbai
  • Indonesia: Jakarta
  • Myanmar: Yangon