3 Upcoming Sectors in The Post-Pandemic Economy

Posted on: 06th May, 2021

With the ongoing pandemic, numerous businesses have been forced to take the step to move online and rely on digital marketing efforts to increase sales in 2020 due to the lack of retail shoppers in brick and mortar stores following multiple lockdowns. Organisations in Singapore were also pushed to continue business by converting to out-of-office practices when most employees were mandated to work from home. During such significant shifts in business operations across many industries, it is crucial for businesses and employees to be able to adapt to the fast-changing climate of the economy, and digital transformations that are set to happen during the post-pandemic time.

Naturally, such a significant change in business operations would mean an increase in demand for adept professionals in IT, cybersecurity, and other niche personnel in the tech industry. Let us take a closer look at three upcoming sectors that fresh graduates and undergraduates can look out for in the post-pandemic economy.

Infocomm Technology Sector

Digitalising an organisation is no easy feat. Companies will have to seek the help of software developers that are responsible for identifying, designing and installing software systems that best suit the operations of a company. A software developer’s skills can help move all business and employee data into cloud-based storage that will be accessible by staff while they work remotely.

In fact, according to Channel News Asia, IT roles such as software, web and multimedia developers, as well as systems analysts, were one of the most sought after in 2020, and their demand has risen in the recent five years. The minimum salary has also increased to S$5,000 last year to attract candidates with the right skills.

On top of IT professionals, relevant positions such as data analysts, data scientists and cybersecurity professionals are also in high demand in recent years, and the IT industry is expected to expand with triggers from the pandemic.

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry in Singapore is also set to be expanding due to Singapore’s growing healthcare needs of the ageing population. Besides a strong demand for nurses, medical and pathology laboratory technicians are also highly sought after in the healthcare sector. Due to the pandemic, there is also an increasing need for clinical testing professionals in the workforce.

Engineering Sector

As production methods become increasingly automated with the advancement of technology, engineers are now required to have technical skills (to operate machinery and manage operation systems) and soft skills to qualify as a valuable hire.

With the integration of 5G and the demand for high connectivity, the engineering sector has intensified its search for qualified electrical, electronic and mechanical design engineers to support tools production companies in the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor test and handling company in Singapore, AEM, is poised to increase its headcount by 10 to 15% for its next wave of growth.

With the integration of 5G and the demand for high connectivity.

Staying Relevant for Roles in Demand

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