Chasing Dreams Across Borders

Posted on: 27th June, 2024

Passionate about photography and social media, Debbie Lee Ming En has always dreamt of a career as a producer in a broadcasting station. After graduating from high school with a Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) in Malaysia, she eagerly searched for a job in her field but struggled due to a lack of experience and qualifications. Undeterred, Debbie decided to find a course to upgrade her skills while working part-time. 

During her search, Debbie attended an Education Fair at Puteri Cove, where she discovered PSB Academy’s Diploma in Media and Communications. Her parents, fully supportive of her decision, believed that pursuing studies in a field she is passionate about would ignite her enthusiasm for learning. They also wanted her to fund her own studies to instill a sense of responsibility and be committed to her studies, as she hadn’t been particularly focused during secondary school. 

“After comparing PSB Academy with other institutions, we noted that it has studios with professional equipment, which can enhance Debbie’s learning experience. The school also partners with foreign universities, whose QS rankings are quite good,” said Debbie’s mother, Mdm Ng Yee Leng (Mrs Lee). 

However, Debbie was initially stressed about financing her education as she wanted to earn enough money to cover the school fees instead of relying on her parents. She explained, “My parents also wanted me to have a sense of responsibility for my studies, as I didn’t care about studies back in secondary school and didn’t achieve great results then.” 

Fortunately, Debbie’s mother discovered the SISEU (Singapore Industrial and Services Employees’ Union) sponsorship, which offers qualifying and eligible SISEU members and their children a sponsorship benefit in the form of discounted diploma, graduate, and post-graduate programmes. The partnership between SISEU and PSB Academy helps alleviate financial worries for adult learners and their kins, with sponsorships to upskill and continue their higher education. With Debbie’s father being a SISEU member, they successfully secured the sponsorship.  

“I’m very happy to receive this sponsorship,” Debbie shared. “With the sponsorship covering half of my course fees, I can better focus on my studies without worrying about my part-time job.” She noted that balancing work and school would have been stressful and challenging. 

Looking ahead, Debbie is optimistic about her future. “I’m excited about how this Diploma will expose me to TV & Radio Production, putting me a step closer to realising my dream of working as a producer in a broadcasting station.” 

Debbie’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the unwavering support of family. With passion and hard work, she is now on the path to turning her dreams into reality.