Job Hunting Tips For Private Education Graduates During The Pandemic

Posted on: 18th May, 2021

Graduating into a post-pandemic workforce is not the most ideal for Singaporean young adults as the competition for jobs will be fiercer among graduates.

Even as Singapore’s economy shows signs of recovery with unemployment rate for Singaporeans dropping to 4.2% in March 2021, it is still far from pre-pandemic days.

In this current economic climate, how can private degree graduates beat the odds and find employment?

Get Used to Networking Online

With the ongoing pandemic, it has become evident that being able to work remotely effectively is a valuable skill that would be taken into consideration on top of academic qualifications when employers are hiring new staff. Pandemics are unpredictable, and who is to say that the new normal isn’t here to stay? After a year like 2020, new hires would be expected to work independently and adapt quickly in the event of significant shifts or changes in the company due to unforeseen circumstances.

Besides the vital skill of ensuring productivity while working remotely, you will also have to learn how to network, maintain relationships, and build rapport with your potential employers over the internet without face-to-face interactions. This way, you will be able to leave the best impression on your future bosses or colleagues during an online interview.

Boost Your Resume

To stand out in a sea of fresh graduates in Singapore, you will need more than just a Bachelor’s Degree or a high GPA.

Without the opportunity to take a graduation trip or go backpacking around the world due to Covid-19, you can make use of this downtime as an opportunity to add more qualifications and relevant skill sets to give your resume an extra boost when you start sending out job applications.

Here at PSB Academy, we offer a wide range of short courses to help individuals learn professional skills that can be useful in their job hunting journey or simply to expand their knowledge. Our short courses include classes for accounting, digital marketing, human resource, logistics, and sports science. Add any of these skills to your resume and increase your employability today.

Focus on Hiring/Growing Industries

One of the simplest ways to shorten the time taken to land full-time employment would be to hunt for jobs in a sector or industry that is growing or is currently aggressively hiring. Some of the sectors that are still searching for a large number of hires include the Infocomm and Technology sector, engineering sector and healthcare industry in Singapore.

Upskill with PSB Academy

At PSB Academy, we offer Business Management courses, Sport Sciences courses, and other professional short courses that may be useful for you to qualify for a position or find a job in your desired field.

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