Areas of Mentoring

Areas of Mentoring

Career Advice:

  • Career tips and expectation of a particular job function
  • Advice from mentors based on their personal experience
  • Switching jobs / setting up their own businesses


Surviving the Working World:

  • What is the basic expectation of an employee in a company?
  • Proper Guidance: Transitioning from student life to the corporate world
  • Industry Experience / Entrepreneurship


  • Manual matching of mentors and mentees will be conducted by Career Services & Engagement team
  • Recommended frequency of communication will be at least once a month for six months (email, phone, social media platforms)
  • Mentors and Mentees to sign an agreement letter on their first session
  • Mentors and Mentees to complete an evaluation and submit to the Career Services & Engagement team at the end of programme