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Launched on 2 June 2014, the PSB Academy Career Portal is a one-stop, intuitive and user-friendly portal to allow candidates to build their online profile, post their CV, search for employers and finally apply for jobs.

What’s more, candidates can even upload their video CV to give that extra touch to publicise or ‘brand’ themselves to prospective employers! Video enables candidates to differentiate themselves and provides employers with a unique insight into a candidate’s capabilities before they proceed to a formal interview process. It can help them extend their job hunting to overseas opportunities. Candidates can send their online CV via the system to any employers, including those who are not registered in the portal.

The recruitment process has been made simple and easy for you! It is a complimentary service extended to all students and alumni of PSB Academy.


Get a Head Start in Your Career!

As part of student centricity and supporting our students in their educational journey, it is our objective to faciliate more opportunities and enhance the employability of our graduates in this competitive global market.

Leverage on PSB Academy Career Portal, a one-stop, intuitive and user-friendly portal to build your online profile, search for employers and apply for jobs directly.

It is complimentary and exclusive to PSB Academy graduates and alumni. 

Quick Features

  • Easy, step-by-step Profile Builder
  • Video CV Creation
  • Job Application

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Career Portal Feature

Regional Job Opportunities
Job opportunities from overseas recruitment companies are listed in PSB Academy 
Please log in to view the details and liaise with them directly. 

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