Alan Pang Business has always been a passion of Alan Pang and an area he believes he can excel in - especially after helping his father bring around his family business. Years after a Diploma, he decided to bring his interest in business to another level, by pursuing a Degree programme to stay relevant. Modules like Macroeconomics, Finance and Business Law have opened his eyes to how the business world ticks, and he is looking forward to applying his knowledge after he completes his studies.       

What made you choose the course and university you did? 

Business has always been a passion of mine and an area I believe I can excel in. I chose University of Newcastle, Australia as it gave me the assurance that my Degree will be recognised, and it came highly recommended by friends who graduated from UON and obtained good positions in their industry.

What made you choose the route of furthering your studies with a private education institution locally, versus other options?

Despite common misconception, I feel that private education offers a quicker route without compromising the quality of the course, if you do sufficient research and know what you have signed up for. For my course, we take shorter trimester breaks without shortening the modules, which explains why we can complete the course in two years when it may typically take up to three years. 

In what ways has this course value added to your personal development or created opportunities in your life?

Further to my innate interest in business, the course has opened my eyes to how the real world operates and what keeps businesses and industries running. Macroeconomics and Finance, for example, are practical and interesting modules showing me what is adopted universally. Business Law is very helpful in helping me understand possible legal issues in the business arena. I believe these will hone my business knowledge and acumen when I eventually become a business owner or an employee. If not for anything else, it helps me engage people in conversation and aid my understanding of world news. 

How would you describe your experience at PSB Academy?

I have had an absolute blast despite pressure to fulfil the requirements of my studies. The good friends I made, school activities I get involved in, and the experience of being a Student Leader have taught me much more than what I initially expected. I enjoy interacting with students from different clubs and International Student Associations, and love our camaraderie when we collaborate on organising campus events. These bonds are definitely a highlight of my student life. 

How do you manage your time and any tips for prospective (or other) students?  

Taking time and effort to create a robust schedule is important so as to make sure you do not miss out on any important submission, quizzes, student events and meetings both in and out of school. I wake up every morning and check my plans for the day ahead, which gets me mentally prepared for a purposeful day.

Prioritising and knowing what to organise in your life also makes a great foundation for you to do greater things. That said, don’t forget to be flexible and adaptable as the only constant is change.