Setting Your Career Goals

I strongly believe life knowledge is beyond the textbook. Everyone should try to expose themselves to the world out there and take a chance to explore or try something new/different. You never know what kind of learning experiences you will get yourself into! – Jordon

Briefly share the highlights of your current career portfolio.

As a Flight Instructor with iFly Singapore, my teammates and I conduct indoor flight experiences (indoor skydiving) in a vertical wind tunnel suitable for anyone from age 7 and beyond. Our participants include locals and tourists from all over the world as well as first-timers who have minimal or no knowledge on this sport which presents different challenges for us each day such as language barriers, flyers with special needs, etc. On such occasions, we must be flexible and change the approach on how we conduct the pre-flight classes to ensure everyone safety.

On top of providing flight experiences for visitors; occasionally, we conduct demos and performances for the public. My passion for indoor skydiving has driven me to not only improve my flying skills but also plan entertaining (and at times interactive) performances for the audience.


Other than assisting participants to overcome their fears (and rewarded with a thankful smile afterwards), there were also interesting events we participated in.


I was chosen to perform alongside with one of my seniors for a Paralympic Event that we hosted in 2017 and during International Migrants Day on 18 December, we had the opportunity to work with a non-profit organisation, Transient Workers Count Two (TWC2). This provided a unique experience for migrant workers receiving assistance from them. It is truly gratifying to see that they enjoyed themselves and I am part of the team to deliver the joy.

What were some of the most valuable take-aways as a student leader in PSB Academy? 

My student life journey in PSB Academy had been blessed with many opportunities. I was an introvert back then and was insecure about myself. Hence, I decided to take a leap of faith and signed up as a student leader. The role challenged my various capacities and purposely put me outside of my comfort zone. For these, I have grown to be more confident and outspoken.

When I was in the student council, my teammates and I had to organise interesting events to create interaction and bonding opportunities for the diverse student community. We also had to advocate collaboration among other student groups to induct vibrancy into campus life. Personally, I take pride in leading a team of student leaders from different nationalities as we had to overcome language barriers as well as understand each others’ differences to work together. Cultural diversity served as a challenge; and an exceptional experience for us to prepare for the working world.

Life as a student leader was enriching as well as exciting. I got to turn my ideas into reality, enlarge my circle of friends and expand my network through collaboration projects with other schools.

What was your experience/learning points from organising “Magically Sports” when you were a Student Associate?

I was honored to be given the opportunity to source for my teammates and led my own Student Associate project in my final year of studies as well as engaged the student community through my passion for sports.

The idea of “Magically Sports” was to distinguish itself from other similar sporting events in campus whereas many were competitive activities, this event was to encourage students to enjoy, unwind and learn through playing while not forgetting the value of fair play by observing the ‘Spirit of the Game’. Instead of sticking to the usual type of sports we played in school, I researched on uncommon sports that can be easily learnt and taught. Some of the crowd favorites were Sport Stacking, Floorball and Ultimate Frisbee. One of the sports I wanted to introduce, Wheelchair Basketball, was removed as there were some constraints to be held in the school and there were no email replies from the organisation I reached out to.

Despite being exhausted from the event and schoolwork, I am grateful for my teammates who had worked hard to materialise the event. The leadership training camp organised by the school as well as team outings had bonded us well and created the synergy for us to work together.

What were some of the challenges you faced when you were seeking employment after graduation?

I had already set my goal to get into Sports Hub since studying for my diploma. Unlike my other classmates who applied for a position immediately after graduation, I decided to continue my bachelor studies. Still firm on joining Sports Hub, I started sending my resume to them before and after graduation several times for positions I was interested in. Perhaps, it is not my time to join them as there were no replies at all. I was disheartened initially but afterwards I realised that I should have allowed myself to seek other sport-related opportunities instead of being so insistent.

What are the factors you took into consideration when you decided to choose “passion over money”?

I just never really envisioned myself to be bound behind a desk, especially as someone who loves sports. I believe that being happy with what you do is more important than earning lots of money. Health is a greater fortune than that, and I think being happy is a key to being healthy. So that said, I am doing what I love for a living, and I am getting paid for it!

Share a personal quote or mantra you live by.

From my experience, I strongly believe life knowledge is beyond the textbook. Everyone should try to expose themselves to the world out there and take a chance to explore or try something new/different. You never know what kind of learning experiences you will get yourself into!