The Entrepreneur Spirit

While most people would be flustered by big responsibilities, Jaruwitt had always dreamed of starting his own business, one that would make life easier for the people around him in some way. An entrepreneurial dream was ignited during a simple search for car insurance when he was back home in Thailand after graduating with his Bachelor of Information Technology from the University of Newcastle, Australia at PSB Academy. Information was all over the place, and comparing quotes to find a deal that was value-for-money was an arduous task. Finding a gap in the market, Jaruwitt Akaratongskul, started brainstorming about the possibilities of simplifying this process, to make it easier for people to understand. He mustered up the courage, and determination to implement his idea into reality.


Today, Jaruwitt owns Mister Prakan, an online business that provides easy comparisons of car insurance options for car owners. What does it take for someone like Jaruwitt to step into such uncharted territory? Back in Thailand, a mischievous child, who did poorly in school, skipped classes and partied in the evenings, Jaruwitt demonstrated little ambition and often behaved irresponsibly. There came a point in his life where Jaruwitt went through a major transition. Waking up to the realisation that he needed to get his life together, that he couldn’t continue messing around anymore, and continue his education. Jaruwitt flew to Singapore, to assess the various private institutions, to find his perfect fit.


The large international student population, a lovely campus, well-qualified professors, great in-house facilities like the football field and badminton courts, and library, impressed Jaruwitt, and he knew that PSB Academy was the place for him. While he pursued a Bachelor of Information Technology course with the University of Newcastle at PSB Academy, the Delta campus at PSB Academy held special place in his heart- for it was where his team won the soccer league for two years in a row, where he found a pool of wonderful friends and acquired his wealth of knowledge. Fortunately for the foundation in IT that he graduated with, Jaruwitt was prepared to play the multiple roles required to complete his projects and didn't have to outsource the work. With the self-confidence he established, he takes on the challenge of entrepreneurship with great pride and uses his hunger for success, to push his limits to make things happen.