Step out, get up, and pursue what’s yours


From the city of Medan hails a girl with big dreams of carving out her own career one day, and pay it forward to the society. Of what field, she does not know yet, but she certainly knew she would get there.

Initially, Jesselly wanted to study culinary arts to which her father objected. Her dad instead urged her to take up a Diploma in Business Administration, and progress to a Bachelor in Business as it is applicable to most industries. Eventually, Jesselly concurred as she herself was also interested in business and she knew she was going to be her own boss someday.

When it came to picking the country to study in, Singapore topped her list as its education industry is well known for its uncompromised education quality and adherence to strict quality control. As she pored through the various schools offering business courses, PSB Academy in particular stood out to Jesselly due to its excellent partner universities, suitable intake dates, exemptions as a progressing student, and smart-tracked programmes; allowing students to finish the course in a shorter amount of time without compromise to quality of education. Her mind was made up and she eventually made her way to 355, Jalan Bukit Ho Swee.

Fortunately, most of Jesselly’s university life was quite a breeze as she was fortunate to have strong teammates for your group assignments from the very start. Coupled with her knack for understanding complex theories, she was able to do quite well for herself and picked up several skills along the way, such as time management, teamwork, and leadership skills.

However, when it came to fitness, Jesselly had some hurdles to cross. When she first arrived, she gained 10 kg and it took a massive blow on her confidence. Frustrated, she began to diet and exercise and took her a full year of trial-and-error before she knew exactly what was best for her. Since then, she has constantly pursued for a deeper understanding of nutrition and exercise which earned her a certificate as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. With her qualified knowledge and experience, friends often consult her for fitness regimes and dieting tips. She eventually found herself in homes and gyms personally training her clients.

Adhering to a healthy diet of organic origins and healthier alternatives proved to be difficult when she moved back to Medan after her course, as there was a severe shortage of such foods – natural peanut butter particular. She was not alone. Many fitness enthusiasts in Medan, too, found it difficult to get their hands on proper healthy food.

To satisfy her needs, Jesselly, who is also skilled in culinary arts, decided to make her own natural peanut butter. Combined with what she learnt in business school, Jesselly sourced for her own ingredients, designed her own labels, and did her own marketing. Today, her peanut butter are sought after by health enthusiasts in Indonesia and Singapore.

Daring to be different and being adamant on doing the things you set out to do can be daunting for some, but Jesselly overcame all odds by starting her own business from scratch, winning medals from marathons, advising people on fitness and dieting, and graduating with a Bachelor of Business, all before she turned 22.

“It does not matter what you want to do in the end as long as you never look down on yourself. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and so are you,” Jesselly stated. Knowing that she wasn’t always the easiest person to deal with, she also owes her success and achievements to her mother and elder brother who have always allowed her to make her own decisions as long as she does her best and enjoys it. This was what drove Jesselly to study diligently as she did not want to fail her mother.

Today, Jesselly aspires to help more people lead a healthier life by owning a fitness studio and to expand her artisanal organic food business internationally.