Bridging New Cultures

Many say that real learning happens beyond the classroom. For Neel, a founder of a small business that exports machinery and industrial tools from China to India, he found ways to get out of his comfort zone during his time at PSB Academy. While pursuing his Bachelor of Information Technology from the University of Newcastle, an elective on Australian Common Law proved useful when he started dealing with vendor and partner contracts and deals.


Neel took advantage of the bountiful opportunities that were offered through student activities at PSB Academy. In addition to taking part in stand-up comedy and street soccer, he uncovered an interest in Mandarin – which he studied for 8 months. The love for the language compelled him to go one step further and opt for the Student Exchange trip to China organised by the Student Affairs at PSB Academy.


In 2007, Neel was chosen by PSB Academy to volunteer in a cultural exchange programme in Qingdao as part of the 2008 Olympics. The experience was an eye-opener, and he decided to fly to China to complete the rest of his degree in the exchange programme with Peking University. During this time, he started working part-time at MomentCam, a subsidiary of the Alibaba group, which paved the way for him to found his own business. When asked how he mustered the confidence to follow through with a decision like this, he credits the professionalism that was present right from his orientation programme at school, and cultural events, to graduation. Neel is the perfect illustration of what learning beyond the classroom looks like, and the opportunities it can uncover.