From Fresh Grad to Marketer

You only fail when you stop trying.” – Okkar

Briefly share the highlights of your current career portfolio.

I am currently a Marketing Manager with Flexible Pass, Myanmar’s number 1 Health and Fitness app. Our app allows users to pre-book activities with any of our 100+ partnering fitness centres, gyms and hotels across Yangon city. Our business has also officially expanded to Mandalay city in March this year.


Prior to Flexible Pass, I was working at a local gym, Balance Fitness, as a marketing executive for two years. Though the work experiences there had been good training for me to be familiar with the working world and marketing trends in Myanmar, it was still a huge challenge for me to be taking on the role of "Manager" with the new company as the responsibilities were bigger.


Not long after I joined Flexible Pass, my worries and anxieties were overcome after a collaboration event with “Yoma Yangon International Marathon 2019”, with 300 over runners registered. I was the main lead for this collaboration and was greatly supported by my team of colleagues who trusted my decisions and action plans. This event is one of the biggest milestones and achievements in my career journey.


What were the challenges you faced when you were job-hunting? How did you overcome them?

Having the title “fresh graduate” is perhaps the biggest challenge for me as most employers nowadays are always looking out for people with experiences. However, it is not “mission impossible” for us to get hired as long as we have some distinctive pointers over all other candidates for the same job. Besides getting good grades for the degree, being active as a student leader also helped play a part. My journey as a student leader gave me the opportunities to organise events and learn the importance of time management as well as learn how to work with others from different backgrounds. These factors not only showed my skillsets to potential employers but also gave me an edge over other candidates.


What are your thoughts on the opportunities available in Myanmar for new graduates?

Many global brands are coming in or already are in Myanmar and they are always on the lookout for fresh graduates, especially those who completed their studies overseas, to join the company. The companies are willing to train these new hires and usually they will be attached to an experienced staff within the area of work to coach them. Although my first company is a local brand, they also practise this to integrate me into the company.


Why do you think it is important to keep in touch with the school after you graduated?

It is always good to keep in touch with the school as they organise get-together events for alumni. This is a good opportunity for us to catch up with fellow schoolmates as well as a chance to widen our circle of friends as we got to meet alumni from different years.


Personally, I adore the feeling of belonging to the school where all cherished memories are. Furthermore, I can contribute back to the school through my passion for emceeing for the alumni events.


When did you realise your passion in emceeing, how did you prepare yourself each time and overcome stage fright (if any)?

I first noticed my interest to be an emcee during my diploma programme. Unlike my fellow peers, I am always excited whenever we had to do a presentation as our assignment. It was like my personal talk show with the audience supporting me. With my confidence to speak and present, it helped me to obtain high scores for my modules.