Remembering Her Roots

Now far across the continent, and studying in France, Samridhi has always had a soft spot for PSB Academy where she first commenced her undergraduate degree in Business with the University of Newcastle. Even today, when she looks back, she smiles about the excellent professors that she had the chance to meet during her time in PSB Academy, and while it has been 7 years since she first met them, she is still in touch with some of these mentors to her learning journey. 


Like any other international student, Samridhi was nervous yet excited about studying in a foreign country. However, she found that with time, she was able to make many friends, and build a support structure here in Singapore. She faced her own set of challenges, when adjusting to the different methods of learning, and doing assignments in accordance to the rules and regulations of the academic system, but leveraging on the lecturers that were there to help her, she found herself realising that it wasn’t all that daunting after all. Apart from the academic life she had, leadership camps organized by the Student Affairs at PSB Academy made her time in Singapore so much better--where everyone had the chance to interact, and simply enjoy the activities.


A core member of the South Asian Student Association, she was cultivated into a team player and leader. Samridhi started to gain confidence as she started representing SASA and PSB Academy, and later went on to win a Student Leader Award and even perform a dance routine for the audience. Her fondest memory was of her internship with 3L Consultancy Pte. Ltd, arranged through PSB Academy--this first forage into the corporate world has given her learnings that she applies till date. After graduating in 2013, Samridhi decided to fly to France to do her Masters in International Business. Today, Samridhi’s global mindset, developed through the years, is set to help her achieve more than ever.