Covid-19 Advisory

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  • International Student FAQ

PSB Academy has made adjustments in accordance with the national posture – all lessons other than laboratory classes will be moved to home-based learning from Monday, 27 September 2021.

Our campuses remain open to support students who need access. We will continue to adhere to safe management measures to keep all of us safe, including frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces, daily disinfection of premises and safe distancing on campus.

Please ensure you remain vigilant and follow all safety measures if there’s a need to return to campus.

Please have your TraceTogether token or app with you throughout campus to facilitate accurate contact tracing, should the need arise.

If you are unwell, even with mild flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough, please see a doctor immediately, minimise in-person interactions and isolate yourself at home. If you or your household members are on Approved Absence, Leave of Absence, Stay Home Notice, Quarantine Order, are unwell or with flu-like symptoms, or required to undergo mandatory testing due to a Covid-19 cluster, you are required to stay away from campus. Please inform your School programme executive via the PSBAccess mobile app or email as soon as possible if you have been scheduled to attend sessions face-to-face but are unable to due to these reasons.

PSB Academy will continue to monitor the situation in Singapore closely.

  • Adherence to Safe Management Measures

    Please be reminded that safe management measures have been put in place:

    Entry and Exit from Campus

    • Check in and out of campus by using Tracetogether.
    • Anyone with flu-like symptoms such as fever or cough will not be allowed entry. Please seek medical attention immediately.

    On-Campus – General Requirements

    • Wear face masks at all times on-campus.
    • If using the TraceTogether app, keep the app running at all times.
    • Keep to a group size of two persons.
    • Maintain a one-metre safe distance from other people at all times.
    • No socialising and intermingling between groups.
    • Sit in assigned seats or groups during lessons.
    • Avoid sharing machines, apparatus or other equipment during laboratory sessions wherever possible. Clean or wipe down for the next user where possible.
    • No visiting across campuses.
    • Eat only at designated dining areas, and ensure not more than 2 persons at each table. Avoid sharing food, clear your table and leave immediately once you have finished eating.
    • Furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) must not be moved from their assigned location.
    • Please practise good personal hygiene at all times.

    We seek your cooperation to observe all public health measures for your own safety.

  • Campus Hygiene Measures

    PSB Academy campuses are certified SG Clean by the National Environment Agency (NEA). Our premises comply fully with NEA’s sanitation and hygiene advisory, including:

    • Premises are cleaned daily and ventilated regularly
    • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection are done at areas with frequent touchpoints
    • Toilets are constantly supplied with liquid soap and toilet paper
    • Waste is handled with gloves/tongs, bagged properly, and bins are emptied regularly

    Enhanced Hygiene Measures

    During the Covid-19 situation, both our City Campus and STEM Campus will ensure:

    • Hand sanitisers are available at key locations
    • Temperature screening before entry to our campuses
    • Persons who are unwell or show flu-like symptoms will not be permitted entry to our campuses; they will be advised to see a doctor immediately
    • Persons on Stay-Home Notice / Leave of Absence / Quarantine Order will not be permitted entry to our campuses; they should remain at home at all times
  • Multiple Communication Channels

    Students will have the flexibility of communicating with their lecturers and programme executives. Between face-to-face consultations, email, live chat and phone conversations, you will have more opportunities to get feedback or have a great Q&A session.

  • Whistleblowing

    If you have information on students not complying with the Stay-Home Notice requirements, please reach out to us at:

We have set up a task force that is closely monitoring the developments in Singapore and worldwide, and to maintain regular communications with all stakeholders. We will continue to take appropriate steps to keep our students safe and on track for graduation.