Covid-19 Advisory

Our campuses will progress to the next phase of our calibrated resumption of more face-to-face classes from Monday, 21 September 2020. You will no longer be required to make prior appointments for certificate collection, Cashier payment or Learning Resources Centre loan services.

Our communication channels remain open to you. Please stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to meeting you again when it is safe to do so.

  • On-Campus / Online Learning
    We have resumed smaller classes, project work discussions and academic consultations across both campuses. Relevant staff will be based on-campus to support students, while other staff continue to support students remotely. We will continue with online learning for large classes and students unable to attend on-campus.
  • Adherence to Safe Management Measures

    Please be reminded that safe management measures have been put in place: Entry and Exit from Campus

    • Check in and out of campus by using the SafeEntry app or Bar Code Scanner for NRIC/Tracetogether Token.
    • Temperature checks will be conducted at campus entrance Smart Gantry System. Gantry will not be opened if the temperature measured value is more than 37.5°C. Anyone with flu-like symptoms such as fever or cough, please seek medical attention immediately.
    • Attendance taking is through the Facial Recognition and Temperature Measure device at Smart Gantry System.
    • Only the main entrance at both campuses will be accessible to enter and exit campus.


    On-Campus – General Requirements

    • Wear masks at all times on-campus.
    • Put on your PSB Academy student card to be able to display visibly at all times while within campus.
    • You shall not eat on-campus. You may drink water, but must put back on your mask immediately after.
    • Maintain safe distancing of at least one metre at all times.
    • Where it is not practical to apply one metre safe distancing between individuals, do not form groups of more than five persons, and practise one metre safe distancing and no mixing between groups. Maintain three metre safe distance between groups.
    • Furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) must not be moved from their assigned location.
    • Please practise good personal hygiene at all times.


    Individual Quiet Study / Group Project Discussions

    • Individual quiet study is allowed at designated study areas, subject to availability. Seat reservation and sleeping at study areas are not allowed. No loitering in the campus is allowed.
    • You can book for group project discussions at designated locations via the Concierge, if this is part of your coursework requirements. Do not form groups of more than eight persons, and practise one metre safe distancing and no mixing between groups. Each time slot is 2 hours. All bookings are on a first-come-first-serve Seat reservation, sleeping or loitering at group project discussions areas are not allowed.

    We seek your cooperation to observe all such measures for your own health and safety.

  • Campus Hygiene Measures

    PSB Academy campuses are certified SG Clean by the National Environment Agency (NEA). Our premises comply fully with NEA’s sanitation and hygiene advisory, including:

    • Premises are cleaned daily and ventilated regularly
    • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection are done at areas with frequent touchpoints
    • Toilets are constantly supplied with liquid soap and toilet paper
    • Waste is handled with gloves/tongs, bagged properly, and bins are emptied regularly


    Enhanced Hygiene Measures

    During the Covid-19 situation, both our City Campus and STEM Campus will ensure:

    • Hand sanitisers are available at key locations
    • Temperature screening before entry to our campuses
    • Persons who are unwell or show flu-like symptoms will not be permitted entry to our campuses; they will be advised to see a doctor immediately
    • Persons on Stay-Home Notice / Leave of Absence / Quarantine Order will not be permitted entry to our campuses; they should remain at home at all times
  • Multiple Communication Channels

    Students will have the flexibility of communicating with their lecturers and programme executives. Between face-to-face consultations, email, live chat and phone conversations, you will have more opportunities to get feedback or have a great Q&A session.

  • Whistleblowing

    If you have information on students not complying with the Stay-Home Notice requirements, please reach out to us at:


We have set up a task force that is closely monitoring the developments in Singapore and worldwide, and to maintain regular communications with all stakeholders. We will continue to take appropriate steps to keep our students safe and on track for graduation.