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Notoriously known as the red light district, Geylang is best explored on foot. With rows after rows of culinary delights and flickering neon lights, you’re in for a sensory treat! But this place is also filled with history, where a popular cinema, Queen’s Theatre, once stood.


Joo Chiat

Quaint shops, glorious eateries, colourful shophouses. This charming neighbourhood in the east is known for its rich Peranakan culture. Indulge in mouthwatering Nonya delicacies like laksa and kuehs, as well as snag some carefully crafted traditional Nonya outfits and trinkets.

Golden Mile Complex

Designed in the Brutalist architectural style, this historical landmark is known as ‘little Bangkok’ where you’ll find many Thai shops and food stalls. Its unique design is the perfect backdrop for Instagrammers.

Haw Par Villa

Also known as the Tiger Balm Gardens, Haw Par Villa isn’t your typical theme park. Built to educate the public about the Chinese folklore and myths, this park is filled with rather bizarre dioramas. If you’re into ancient traditions, be prepared for an otherworldly experience like no other!


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