Social Butterflies

Get Social
In a city that never sleeps, the fun doesn’t end. So, party on!


Catch your friends for some late-night pawning sessions! And if you’re good (or lucky) enough, you’ll be able to bag a bucketload of fresh prawns.

Music Festivals

From Baybeats to Laneway, you’ll be able to rock your socks off with your favourite bands and fellow music junkies. Now, isn’t that music to your ears?

Night Festivals

When the sun sets, that’s where a whole other side of Singapore comes alive. Witness how art projections and interactive installations take over iconic buildings at the annual Singapore Night Festival.

Midnight Shopping Spree

Whether you’re itching for a grocery run or a spontaneous retail therapy, DON DON DONKI and Mustafa Centre are bound to sort your shopping fix.


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