3 Productivity Tools to Help Online Learning

Posted on: 03rd September, 2021

With Covid-19, online learning may stay for a while more for some of us. There may be people who might find it difficult to keep themselves focused while learning on the computer for hours at a time, compared to in-class lessons where there are interactions between students and more opportunities to catch a breather in between classes during breaks.

This is where productivity tools come in handy. Productivity tools such as online planners or online notetakers can help students to automate routine (but necessary tasks) such as notes organisation and task deadline reminders. Not only do productivity tools help students get things done faster, but it can also take some stress off their minds as they try to keep track of homework and assignments due for each module every day.

1. Evernote

Note-taking can be a tedious task and can take a student’s attention away from important concepts in class as they struggle to jot down what their teachers said. Notes will also have to be organised neatly after class so they can be easily located whenever students have to revise for a certain topic for tests.

With a techy note-taking tool like Evernote, students will never have to worry about losing a page of their notes or having to spend extra time to locate certain concepts within the notes anymore. Evernote allows its users to take notes quickly on its paper-like interface by scribbling or typing. It can also store photographs and record voice memos within each page of notes. This way, students can spend less time trying to jot down points in class and more time listening to their teachers without being worried about having no notes to look back on during revision. Furthermore, Evernote is compatible with most smartphones and computer systems, which means that students can have access to their notes wherever they are, as long as they have the application installed on their smartphone and laptop. Gone will be the days where leaving their notes at home becomes a major problem.

2. Write Monkey

Procrastination is the bane of most students and most battle hard during the wee hours, trying to beat the inertia to complete their assignments. With Write Monkey, unmotivated students will have no choice but to focus all their attention on writing their papers.

Write Monkey is a useful writing application that comes with an extremely stripped-down user interface, leaving students alone with their thoughts and words. It only works in full-screen and blocks all other programmes and applications from sending you notifications, keeping you from all other distractions as you write. As you write, the application also helps to check for spelling and grammar errors to prevent students from submitting work with errors

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is the ideal tool to help students revise certain topics in a fun way to aid memorisation and to learn new concepts quickly. Within the application, students can create sets of quizzes in any subject they have to revise for, and the application will automatically generate sets of flashcards, practise tests, matching games and auditory tools based on the chosen subject.

By using Quizlet as a tool for studying, students can use their time set aside for revision productively and make learning more enjoyable at home.

Feeling unmotivated or unproductive? Why not give these productivity tools a shot to give yourself a boost today?