3 Skills I Gained From my Media and Communications Diploma

Posted on: 06th October, 2021

By Sarah Ng
Certificate In Media and Communications | Diploma in Media and Communications

“Oh hello, Sarah! What are you studying now after your secondary school education?”
“Hi! I am currently pursuing a Diploma in Media and Communications!”

Since young, during my preteen stage, I knew that media was always something that I wanted to pursue. But one might ask or even say, “The media industry is so big, what exactly do you want to excel in?”, “What do you even learn when studying about the media?”, “Media everyday just use the phone and computer, your course must be very easy.”

Many often have the perception that being in the media equates to having an easier time in terms of both learning and job opportunities but in actual fact, there are many more hidden discoveries worth to be found and unwrapped.

In this article, I have pieced together a list of skills I have gained (and am still learning) from my Media Diploma at PSB Academy.

1. To be an effective communicator.

It is absolutely impossible and slightly crazy if communication is something that is lacking in my media education journey because communication and media work hand in hand, where communication is about spreading the word out to the masses and in order for one to do that, media comes into play to give us a helping hand to go a step further.

I have always had very strong communication skills and “People-Skills”; however, after attending the effective communication skills module, I realised that there are still areas in which I can still improve on. Improvement not just in the area of possessing interpersonal communication skills but also in becoming an effective communicator. Through the effective communication skills module, I have learnt skills such as the good use of English, oral communication, the process of communication, etc., to help me formulate good reasonable decisions to be an effective communicator.

2. Academic writings 

As much as I love media, communications, and all the fancy glitter parts of it, writing is an important skill, especially if they are looking to enter the media industry. Writing in the media is extremely important as we are the mouthpiece that helps pass and spread messages and information across to the masses. Every single message and information that goes through us has to be true and conscious.

During my primary and secondary days, my freestyle writings were not my forte, and I’ve always had difficulties expressing my thoughts. After enrolling in PSB Academy’s media diploma, I’ve learnt how to write academically. This means learning to write a proper thesis paper with accurate citations and references, and always include data – secondary (research articles) to back your writing with evidence for an accurate portrayal of the written topic. Through the study skills strategies module, I found myself expressing my thoughts better and gaining workforce skills that will help me flourish as a person.

3. Studio Production Skills 

You don’t specifically have to be taking a media diploma to step out of your comfort zone but for me, it was during the studio productions that made me realise that as much of an extrovert I am, there are just certain things that always seem to be scarier and bigger than what you think you can take in.

Some studio production skills I have gained include learning how to operate huge industrial film cameras that are at least twice my size, the management of backstage productions, the aftercare and grooming of equipment, etc. As someone who doesn’t really have a flair for production-related works, it was definitely daunting having to be as hands-on and juggle working as a team with many different aptitudes (our grades were based on group work for this one module), and not only did I have to adapt to my groupmates quickly, I also had to ensure that I brush up on my skills so that I would not drag the team down.

In a nutshell, even though the grind never stops and I’m always learning new skills daily at PSB Academy, many of what I have acquired will definitely help me in the long run, not just in terms of working in the media industry but also as a person who will go out to thrive and experience many new lessons. I believe learning should not stop no matter which stage of your life you are at. I’m so glad that my time at PSB Academy under the diploma in media and communications has armed me with new knowledge and values that I can use to use my advantage.

Disclaimer: All views and statements expressed are solely personal opinions and do not represent those of PSB Academy or other people and organisations.