Achieve New Career Heights with PSB Academy’s E-Learning Programmes

Posted on: 28th May, 2024

Singapore’s job market is rapidly transforming, driven by technological advancements and economic shifts that are causing a reshuffling of industries. In response, the Singapore government has stepped forward with initiatives like the S$4,000 SkillsFuture top-up announced in Budget 2024, aimed at empowering mid-career professionals to stay ahead by reskilling or upskilling.

According to Randstand’s 2023 Workmonitor Report, 48% of Singapore respondents are worried about losing their jobs. As the shelf life of skills becomes shorter, the reality is that for modern workers, continuous learning is no longer optional but essential. The rapid pace of change means that acquiring new skills is crucial for those looking to make a career transition. Faced with the daunting challenge of learning new skills while balancing existing professional and personal commitments, many professionals seek out flexible online learning solutions to facilitate a mid-career switch.

Professional and Personal Obstacles Preventing Career Transition

Embarking on a career transition is a journey fraught with professional and personal hurdles. For individuals considering a mid-career switch, it can be a daunting leap. However, e-learning programmes can be a practical solution to overcome the usual hurdles of career transition.

PSB Academy’s e-learning programmes are designed with modern professionals in mind, to help you overcome obstacles:

  • Flexibility: Finding the time to upskill or reskill while managing current job responsibilities and personal life commitments can be overwhelming, often leading to stress and the possibility of burnout.PSB Academy’s learning platform is online and available 24/7, giving you the freedom to study at any time and from anywhere. This flexibility ensures that you can fit your studies around your lifestyle, not the other way around. This setup is ideal for individuals with busy schedules or parents who need to juggle childcare and study time.
  • Financial Considerations: The potential loss of income during a career transition, coupled with the costs of reskilling, can be a lot to overcome for those with existing debts or responsibilities.PSB Academy’s e-learning courses are more affordable than traditional, in-person programmes, making them an economical option for those looking to reskill without the financial burden.
  • Support: Without encouragement and guidance from peers, mentors, or employers, the path to a new career can feel isolating and insurmountable, diminishing one’s motivation and confidence to pursue change.Learners at PSB Academy’s e-learning courses can opt for additional tutorial support, and seek help and guidance from lecturers whenever needed to overcome academic challenges effectively.
  • Exams: More often than not, as busy working professionals juggling multiple commitments, there simply isn’t time to sit down for hours to revise materials.Understanding this reality, PSB Academy’s e-learning courses are designed with no traditional examinations. Instead, we utilise online quizzes and assessments, providing a comfortable learning environment for adult learners who might feel out of place in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Progression to Bachelor’s Degree: One common concern for working adults considering e-learning programmes is the fear of being stranded halfway, unable to progress further.PSB Academy’s e-learning programmes are designed with progression in mind. After completing certificates or diplomas, you have the option to advance to selected degree programmes offered by our partner universities. We also offer an online degree programme through the University of Hertfordshire, alongside other in-person degree programmes by our partner universities. You can rest assured that the universities confer these degrees and hold the same recognition as their on-campus equivalents.
  • Duration: Committing to a long-term course can feel daunting, especially for individuals with busy schedules or those hesitant about their ability to see it through.That’s why PSB Academy’s e-learning programmes offer a refreshing alternative with shorter durations. Whether you’re aiming for a certificate or diploma, our courses are designed to be completed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional programmes. With just 6 months for a certificate and 9 months for a diploma, you can dive into your studies with confidence, knowing that your commitment won’t stretch endlessly.

One of our e-learning success stories is Anson, a 35-year-old father of two who transitioned from finance to digital marketing. By enrolling in PSB Academy’s online diploma in business studies, Anson was able to make use of the programme’s flexible scheduling to manage his studies and family responsibilities, making steady progress towards his goal of a career transition to digital marketing. Read more about Anson’s story and discover how he successfully navigated the challenges of a mid-career switch with PSB Academy’s e-learning programme.

Explore PSB Academy’s E-Learning Programmes for a Successful Career Transition

Modern professionals like Anson exemplify the impact of e-learning in overcoming the common challenges of making a career transition in today’s job market. By providing flexible, accessible and relevant learning solutions, PSB Academy’s e-learning courses empower individuals to achieve their career aspirations whilst juggling life’s commitments.

Explore our online courses in Singapore to tap into a world of opportunities designed for the modern learner. With access to a diverse range of subjects, comprehensive student support and an industry-relevant curriculum, PSB Academy sets the stage for a smooth career transition.