Advancing Digital Frontiers in Education | Aaron Rao

Posted on: 09th July, 2021

Empty offices and deserted campuses. Closed borders and grounded airplanes. Most of us have never thought we would one day wake up to a digital-first reality around the dining table. This changed forever in 2020, as country after country introduced extensive measures to combat the spread of Covid-19. PSB Academy also swung swiftly into action, accelerating our multi-year plan to upgrade our digital service ecosystem for students.

A film enthusiast and former media producer, Aaron Rao found himself in the thick of the Academy’s transition to home-based learning. From providing training to faculty colleagues on our new e-learning platform, to recording supplementary lectures for our learning community, Aaron was instrumental to the Academy’s smooth pivot to home-based learning during Singapore’s circuit breaker. This year, Aaron continues to break new ground as one of the champions behind the Academy’s first 100% e-learning courses, which can lead to degree courses.

With more than a decade of experience teaching in universities and other learning institutions across Malaysia and Singapore, Aaron is a familiar – and welcome – face to our School of Business and Management students. As a module leader, Aaron both teaches and works behind the scenes to implement online content and hire the right lecturers for the benefit of our media and communication students.

What goes on behind the screen? With screen fatigue for both lecturers and students a novel experience, Aaron seeks different ways to reinvigorate students’ passion for learning. Videos, quizzes and breakout discussions are now part of Aaron’s standard toolkit whenever he teaches. Having visual breaks also provides breathing room to stretch his legs and do daddy duties with his 2-year old.

Aaron remains keenly attuned to industry trends, with the occasional client photography and workshop consultations.

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