Route Less Taken: Alternative Education Pathway After O Level

Posted on: 02nd November, 2021

By Sarah Ng
Certificate in Media and Communications | Diploma in Media and Communications

I did my N level and O level in 2019 and 2020, respectively. For N level examinations, I did my very best, and I was definitely proud of my results. While I did well enough to continue my studies at other institutions for post-secondary, I chose to stay on for Secondary 5 to complete the O level examinations. However, when it came to my O level, I realised that I wasn’t cut out and mentally ready for the tough academic rigour. The constant need to keep up with my peers added to the pressure. The comparison and rankings still come to play, which honestly was very detrimental to the well-being of students. When I couldn’t achieve the results for my O-level to enter the course I wanted, I felt defeated.

Alternative Education Pathway to Enter the Media and Communications Industry

Media and communications was a field where I developed interest and passion since I was 14.  After my O-level, I found out about PSB Academy through my research of Singapore institutions that offer Media and Communication Diploma. I enrolled in the Certificate in Media and Communications during their January Open House 2021 and continued my studies at Diploma in Media and Communications. Like many parents’ mindset, they were not supportive of my decision to study at a private education institution, but after persuading them and showing them how studying at PSB Academy might develop better skills, values and lessons, they caved and gave in to my decision.

I chose to pursue my education with PSB Academy after my O-level because of the fast-tracked pathway from a certificate to a degree. The academy partners with renowned universities around the world to offer a global education. On top of it, after graduating from my Diploma, I could receive module exemptions to complete the degree programme in a shorter time frame. Personally, I am looking at progressing with The University of Newcastle, Australia (UON), as my Diploma allows me to progress to a media degree with the university. The smooth progression pathway reassures me that I will still be on par or maybe even faster than some of my peers.

In-depth and well-paced curriculum

PSB Academy has a well-structured curriculum whereby the modules are well-spaced out for us to deep dive into each module before moving on to the next. It allows sufficient time for us to revise before taking our final tests or assessments. The timetable also ensures that we are not overwhelmed with just the sole rigour of studying but also gives us the freedom to explore the world beyond the 4-walls of our classroom classrooms or school environment.

My learning experience has been filled with excitement and elements of surprise. The course was designed to fit in real-life industry trends to prepare us for the real working world. To date, I have learned to be an effective communicator and be comfortable working with big equipment in the TV & Radio Studio.

Vibrant Campus Life

Student life and experience is something that I value in my learning journey, and to see that PSB Academy has a vibrant student life reassured me that my choice to enrol with PSB Academy was the right one. I joined the Leadership Development Club (LDC) in April 2021, a month after enrolling at PSB Academy. Since then, I have contributed to various LDC Mini-Projects held from March to July 2021. Through the LDC, I’ve developed leadership and communication skills.

Enrolling at PSB Academy has been nothing but one of the best decisions I have made. The academy has provided me with one of the best educational options and allowed me to see what really mattered in my education, dreams, and passion.

PSB Academy will be having an Open House on 15 January 2022. If you would like to learn more about the
suite of programmes they have, you can register your interest HERE.