What Makes PSB Academy Career Services Extraordinary?

Posted on: 09th March, 2020

Article Contributed by:
Riya Gote, PSB Academy Alumna
Marketing Executive, Hemant Gote, Pune, Maharashtra (India)
Graduate, Master of Science in International Business Management
Edinburgh Napier University (2017—2018)

Like every other school, PSB Academy has its own career services and industry engagement department…but with an exceptional difference!

At the point when I began my Masters in PSB Academy’s School of Postgraduate Studies, I was a little worried if I’d find a job after graduation as I was aware how tough the global economy was during those times.

As I assumed the role of class representative in my second trimester, my programme executive, after learning about my concerns, encouraged me to approach the career services team to support me in my career preparation.

I followed her advice and contacted Mr. Marc Wong, Senior Specialist from the Career Services and Engagement team. We had a fruitful first conversation where I was assessed on what my life aspirations were, and I even did an exercise that helped me identify the true purpose behind why I should be successful in a career.

Through this proper, structured approach, it was then that I realised that PSB Academy’s career coaches truly “knew their stuff” and here are other reasons why I also encourage all students to approach them for further support:


It is said that “a mentor can make or break your career”. And I was (and still am) continually impressed by how personally invested PSB Academy’s career coaches are in my professional development and success. Not only were they patient in guiding me through several rounds of career coachings, my resume was also given a huge makeover and I participated in mock interviews that helped me gain confidence and provided a way for me to refine my elevator pitch.


The saying, “if one is to be successful, they should learn from the successful” rings true! The monthly career workshops organised by the Career Services team have connected me to many industry experts and opened up my horizons on the type of skills I should be equipped with if I were to thrive and succeed in the corporate world.

In addition to acing interviews, and writing better resumes, I also learnt soft skills like negotiation, public speaking, networking, building resilience, as well as how to create an effective LinkedIn profile.

I even learnt how to garner experience even though I’ve never worked before, that I could showcase in my first resume. I am deeply appreciative at how much care the Career Services team has invested into curating high-quality learning experiences for the student community.


I would like to also add that all of the workshops in PSB Academy are not only suited for job seekers, but students and alumni as well. Topics like leadership, networking and growth mindset are timeless and I highly recommend anyone who is serious about their personal and professional development to be a part of PSB Academy’s training opportunities. Even if you are absolutely busy, try your best to carve out some time and invest in your development, before it becomes too late by the time you graduate.

A big tip I would also like to share is this: BE SOCIABLE. At the end of every workshop, career talk or an industry visit, make the extra effort to reach out to PSB Academy’s network of training and industry partners as they are really nice people – AND you never know who might become your next employer or mentor!

In a nutshell, if you have never enquired about or approached PSB Academy Career Services, DO IT NOW before it’s too late.


Because the best way to predict and carve out your own successful future is to create it, starting today!

This article is a voluntary effort that reflects the writer’s personal experience in receiving support from the PSB Academy Career Services and Engagement team. If you would like to contribute a similar article on how we made a positive difference to your journey as a PSB Academy student, please write to career.services@psb-academy.edu.sg. We’d love to hear from you!