Achieving Career Success in Cybersecurity with a relevant IT Diploma and Degree

Posted on: 07th June, 2022

If you were asked “What is the most important factor when looking for a higher education institute?”, what would be your answer? For PSB Academy alumnus Muhammad Iruan Bin Karaman, although having a good education can come from any institution, whether government or private, it boiled down to these two questions: “Are you happy with what you have achieved? Do you have a sense of belonging during your stint at the institution?”

Muhammad Iruan was definitely happy with what he had achieved through PSB Academy. After obtaining his Higher Diploma in Information Technology from PSB-IPT (currently known as PSB Academy), he went on to do his Bachelor of Information Technology from the University of Newcastle (UoN) and graduated in 2012. His motivation to pursuing higher education was to keep up with the growth of technology, and he was glad to have the support and encouragement of his family in his endeavours.

He said, “The diploma programme provided me a smooth progression to a degree programme with UoN. Continuing with the degree programme allows me to take up the challenge that I had presented myself; that is ‘to go all the way and don’t just stop there (the never-give-up attitude) and achieve your degree’. These are words that I have instilled in myself. Also, by taking up the degree, I am advancing myself in the specialisation that I have always wanted as my career and learning in greater details to expand my knowledge and skills.”

“Getting to know about PSB Academy was the best thing that had happened to me then,” he added. “I got to know about it through word-of-mouth from previous students, and I also did my own research to find a great place to continue my education. The decision to study in PSB Academy was clear as programme was set at a reasonable pace that I believe can be adapted by many individuals who wish to pursue their studies.”

Even as a private education institution, PSB Academy offered quality education. In fact, Iruan did not feel that his stint at PSB Academy had put him at a disadvantage when looking for a job. “For job or career advancement, it has to do with the individual spirit to enhance themselves to further study and equip themselves with the needed knowledge,” he said thoughtfully.

To Iruan, it was critical to keep on learning. He opined, “It’s definitely important that we keep on pursuing knowledge and expand our skillsets, so that we are valuable to the industry that we are in. As a saying goes, ‘old is gold’, so the older you become, the more valuable you are, and that really has got to do with keeping on advancing and enhancing your knowledge.”

Currently, a manager at one of the largest transportation companies in Singapore, Iruan’s role involved looking into areas of cybersecurity operations and governance. He attributed part of his success today to PSB-IPT and UoN, where he started off his studies and completed his degree. They were also where he acquired knowledge in systems, software and networks, and built up his soft skills, such as communication and making presentations, which were necessary for his job.

In particular, he learnt about operating systems and network services when studying for his higher diploma, which applied to his previous role as a systems and network engineer. At UoN, he learnt about information system programming, which enabled him to create applications to help ease his daily workload; information technology application, which taught him application security, paving the way for his career growth in cybersecurity; and also project management, which was applicable when he undertook any IT projects.

“The courses have provided me with the first-hand knowledge and experiences needed for me to continue growing. They have also made me dive deeper into certain areas and have helped in my career advancement and growth,” he said.

As a graduate looking back, Iruan reflected, “I felt awesome and great to be a part of PSB Academy, which has such a splendid historical background. I am always very proud to tell others that I am a student of PSB Academy.”

Muhammad Iruan is one of the 200,000 learners at PSB Academy. Be part of our growing family today.