Emanating Hospitality to Tomorrow's Service Specialists | Dr. Melissa Liow

Posted on: 20th December, 2021

Hospitality from the heart. Extraordinary service engagement. Customer loyalty and trust. In the world of hospitality, exceeding the hotel guest’s experience means being two steps ahead in anticipating their needs and fulfilling their desires. In institutes of learning, like PSB Academy, this translates into understanding both the academic and aspirational needs of our students, and creating programmes that nurture them to reach for their highest potential. As a former front office manager at three hotels, Dr. Melissa Liow instinctively seeks to deliver service excellence and radiates warmth when interacting with students and parents.

After completing an MBA from the University of Wales, Melissa joined PSB Academy in 2012 as a lecturer for our hospitality diploma course. Melissa is in her element when she teaches, and has thrived as an educator in the almost 10 years that she has been with the Academy. Her responsibilities have grown in tandem with her professional development, and today, she is the Assistant Head (Academic) for the School of Business and Management, with academic oversight of various undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including at the doctoral level. She continues to lecture in the areas of marketing, human resource management, and tourism and hospitality management. Melissa also maintains a research interest in the field of tourism entrepreneurship, and completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Business at the International University Malaya-Wales in 2017.

Delivering teaching excellence at PSB Academy goes beyond classroom sessions. Melissa organises individual academic consultations and groupwork discussions to help students explore their subjects with greater nuances. She also participates in student-staff liaison meetings every term to understand students’ perspectives on the ground and see how the School of Business and Management may continually enhance our student experience.

With hospitality so close to Melissa’s heart, connecting to students during the pandemic has been of greater concern. Public health requirements have resulted in long spells of home-based learning, with many international students unable to come to Singapore for protracted periods of time. Overnight, our teaching team had to develop new means of connecting to students virtually, to ensure that they can keep up with lessons and keep their spirits up. Melissa also made it a point to call our international students and connect with their parents, as an additional safeguard on their wellbeing during these challenging times. At PSB Academy, we believe no student should be left behind.

Melissa recharges through hiking and nature walks. She also delights in visiting historical attractions and exploring hidden gems in Singapore’s flavourful hawker scene.

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