How I Secured a Full-Time Job After My Industrial Attachment

Posted on: 04th August, 2022

By: Dilla Damitra Binte Mohd Raymie, Diploma in Global Supply Chain Management

In secondary school, I did pretty well for my N-Level. However, I did not fare as well for my O-Level, even though I studied hard and did my best. Despite my results, I wanted to upgrade myself with a business qualification. That was when I heard about PSB Academy from a friend.

While I may not have taken the traditional education route, it was worth it. Besides gaining industry-relevant skills and knowledge, I picked up soft skills that have been useful in my career. I also had the opportunity to make friends with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. We learned more about our differences through cultural exchange sharing, which eventually brought us closer. This has also broadened my network.

After completing my certificate course, I continued to a supply chain diploma. During my course, I had to juggle multiple projects and assignments while revising on my own. Time management was an important skill I acquired as assignment deadlines of different modules were close to one another and each module was compressed into three months. The various project presentations have also boosted my confidence when speaking in front of an audience. I have had the opportunity to effectively work with different groups of people throughout my diploma.

The diploma has helped me understand the flow of supply chain and its day-to-day business objectives. Supply chain is a critical and fast-paced industry that requires coordination, planning and effective communication skills. The flow of necessities and other goods is heavily reliant on supply chain. If there are disruptions in any part of the process, it could result in a shortage of food supply, especially in Singapore, which relies heavily on food imports.

As part of the diploma, I began my 6-month industrial attachment experience with MES Logistics under the Warehouse Department. I entered without any prior knowledge of the logistics industry. But with the guidance from my manager, mentors and colleagues, all of whom were an essential part of my internship journey, I had a lot of opportunities to learn and experience what it is like to work in this challenging industry. They have helped me to understand the role and how to execute the tasks efficiently.

Some skillsets I picked up during my internship were effective communication and problem-solving skills. Clear directives must be given to avoid miscommunication. Otherwise, it would eventually lead to disruption of operational workflow.

I remember vividly during my internship; I was given a task to complete every month. Each task had different objectives that I had to complete within a stipulated timeline. I had to plan effectively and learn how to execute my plans efficiently. In addition, we also faced a lack of manpower during crucial periods, which disrupted the operational workflow. We had to crack our brains and think on our feet to come up with solutions to ensure that daily work operations could continue smoothly.

Despite all the challenges, I enjoyed working with my colleagues because of our teamwork. My manager was great at giving clear directives for us to get through the week. Should we face any challenges, we could voice our opinions and brainstorm together as a team to overcome them.

After my internship, I am grateful to be offered a full-time position upon graduating, where I can continue to learn and thrive in the supply chain industry. Currently, I’m an admin warehouse supervisor, overseeing administrative matters such as daily paperwork, inbound and outbound goods stored in the warehouse. Moreover, I am also responsible for maintaining the warehouse inventory using an end-to-end warehouse management solution system called iBWMS.

From my internship to securing a full-time job, I have learned the responsibilities and commitment needed as a working individual to ensure quality work. I’m thankful for all the opportunities that I’ve been given. And to my juniors who are still undergoing their internship, I would like to encourage them to persevere through the hardships. You will gain invaluable knowledge along the way. The skills you will pick up from the internship are transferable and will be useful in your future career. Nothing comes easy, but with great determination and the right mindset, you can overcome any challenges.